Bellator 76 Play by Play and Live Results

The seventh season of the Bellator Fighting Championships continues tonight with Bellator 76 from Caesars Windsor in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

The main card on MTV2 and in commercial free high definition on EPIX2 will start at 8 p.m. ET and live results and play by play will be available on

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Jason Fischer vs. Kyle Prepolec

Round 1 – The action started with the fighters exchanging kicks and Fisher was able to get Prepolec in the clinch. Fischer worked the action towards the cage, but Prepolec would be able to get the action to the center of the cage and out of the clinch. With the action in the center of the cage, he would be able to take the fight to the ground and be in top position. Prepolec looked to advance position and Fischer looked for two separate submissions attempts and the action went to the ground. Once again the action was on the feet and this time Fischer would get a takedown and finished the round throwing strikes from side control.

Round 2 – Fischer immediately took the fight to the ground, but Prepolec was able to get off his back and the fighters went into a clinch position. In the clinch, Fischer landed several knees which caused Prepolec to change positions. The fight went to the ground and Fischer was in top position. Fischer landed several clean shots, which lead to side control. Prepolec was able to transition and attempted to get the back. Fischer would then transition and get top position on the ground. In side control, he would his submission game and attempted a kimura. He would transition from the kimura to an armbar, but Prepolec was able to survive the round.

Round 3 – As the final round opened, the fighters looked to use their striking to set up a take down. Fischer took the action to the cage and achieve a take down. He would get in top position and looked to transition into side control. He would end up getting the full mount and landed strikes, which allowed him to get his opponents back for a moment. Once he was back in the mount, he landed a arm triangle choke and finished the fight at the 3:19 mark of the round.

Result: Jason Fischer def. Kyle Prepolec via submission (arm triangle choke) – Round 3, 3:19

Ainsley Robison vs. Chad Laprise

Round 1 – The action opened with both fighters looking for their distance and choosing their shots wisely. Laprise was able to land a combination that dropped Robinson, but he would be able to get back to his feet. Laprise continued to throw several strikes and Robinson looked for a takedown, which he achieved. Laprise would be able to get back to his feet and continued to control the fight. Laprise would land a knee in the clinch, which dropped Robinson. Robinson would survive the round with Laprise continuing to pressure him and was looking for the finish.

Round 2 – Robinson opened the round by pushing forward and landed a combination. Robinson was throwing wild punches and Laprise was able to move away from the strikes. Robinson looked for a takedown, but it was stopped by his opponent. Laprise landed an uppercut, which forced Robinson to cover up as Laprise looked for a combination. Laprise landed a right hand and Robinson appears to be gassed out. The fighters began to slug it out with Laprise getting the advantage. The round would end with Laprise landed multiple shots from the ground and Robinson was able to survive.

Round 3 – Laprise stalked around Robinson in the opening minutes of the round and Robinson appeared to have nothing left in the gas tank. Robinson was able to land a counter right hand, but Laprise was able to get a takedown and in top position. He would transition to full mount, which lead him to getting the back of his opponent. Once having the back, Laprise went for a rear-naked choke. Robinson was defend the submission attempt and made it to the final bell.

Result: Chad Laprise def. Ainsley Robison via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Dom O’Grady vs. AJ Matthews

Round 1 – The opening minute of the round would be both fighters looking for their distance and timing. Matthews went for a takedown, but O’Grady was able to lock in a guillotine choke. Matthews would escape the submission attempt and end up in top position. Matthews decided to get off the mat and the action returned to the feet. O’Grady would work to get the fight to the ground against the cage in the last minute of the round. The fighters would be in a stalemate in the final 30 seconds of the round.

Round 2 – At the start of the round, Matthews landed a head kick and dropped O’Grady. He would not go for the finish and had his opponent stand back up. Matthews worked his stand up game with combinations of jabs and low kicks. O’Grady landed a right hand, which dropped Matthews and the fight went to the ground. O’Grady was in top position and transitioned into side control. He would get full mount as the round end and the action moves to the third round.

Round 3 – O’Grady looked to push the pace at the start of the round and look to continue his momentum of the second round. The fighters would exchange punches and picks until O’Grady looked for a takedown, which was unsuccessful. The rest of the round saw the fighters exchange punches until the final bell.

Result: Dom O’Grady def. AJ Matthews via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Cody Bollinger vs. Shahbulat Shamhalaev

Round 1 – Bollinger landed an kick to the groin of Shamhalaev at the 30 second mark of the round. Shamhalaev took about a minute to recover and the fight would continue. The fighters would end up on the ground and Shamhalaev would be in top position. Bollinger began to work his submission game from his back. Shamhalaev began to land several big shots from top position and Bollinger was covering up. He continued to throw strikes as and referee Yves Lavigne came in to stop the fight after a minute of Shamhalaev landing strikes and Bollinger just covering up

Result: Shahbulat Shamhalaev def. Cody Bollinger via TKO (strikes) – Round 1, 4:49 and advances to the semifinals of the featherweight tournament. 

Nayeb Hezman vs. Magomedrasul Khasbulaev

Round 1 – The fighters opened in the center of the cage with them exchanging strikes. Khasbulaev landed a counter right hand that dropped Hezman and he went in for the finish and the referee came in to stop the fight.

Result: Magomedrasul Khasbulaev def. Nayeb Hezman via TKO (strikes) – Round 1, :24

Ali Mokdad vs. Simon Marini

Round 1 – As the round starts, each fighter landed strikes and Marini landed a right hand that dropped Mokdad. He would be able to survive the strikes on the ground and get back to his feet. The fighters would stand and trade strikes in the middle of the cage, with Marini landing the better strikes. With two minutes to go in the round, Mokdad was able to land several strikes and knees. The fighters would end the round with Marini getting a takedown, but was unable to land any strikes on the ground.

Round 2 – As the round opens, the fighters exchange low kicks and jabs. Mokdad was able to land combinations with legs kicks and jabs. He would then land a head kick and come forward. Marini has able to defend the strikes and get the action in the middle of the cage. The round would end with Mokdad getting the better strikes throughout the round.

Round 3 – Marini came out the aggressor in the final round, but Mokdad was able to create distance by throwing kicks. Every time that Marini would get close, Mokdad would throw a push kick. Marini would look for a take down, but Mokdad would stop the attempt. At this point, they would start slugging it out  with Mokdad getting on the inside of Marini. The round would end with each other swing to the bell.

Result: Ali Mokdad def. Simon Marini via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Jeremy Spoon vs. Mike Richman

Round 1 – Richmond wasted no time and landed a left head kick that clipped Spoon enough to drop Spoon and landed one more punch before referee John McCarthy came in to stop the fight.

Result: Mike Richman def. Jeremy Spoon via KO (strikes) – Round 1, :23 to advance to the semifinals of the featherweight tournament

Akop Stepanyan vs. Wagnney Fabiano

Round 1 – As the fight opened, Fabiano immediately looked for the takedown, but it was stopped. Stepanyan attempted to use his hand speed to gain an advantage on the feet. Fabiano would then attempt another takedown and was successful on the attempt. Stepanyan would get to his feet for moment, but Fabiano continued to pressure him and got the fight back to the ground. Fabiano was able to transition to the full mount and then went for an armbar, which led to the end of the fight. After extending the arm of Stepanyan, he had no choice and Fabiano advances to the semifinals of the featherweight tournament.

Result: Wagnney Fabiano def. Akop Stepanyan via submission (armbar) – Round 1, 3:24 to advance to the semifinals of the featherweight tournament

Nazareno Malegarie vs. Rad Martinez

Round 1 – As the fight starts, Malegarie landed multiple leg kicks  and the fighters exchange jabs. Martinez looked for a takedown, but Malegarie stopped the attempt and briefly had his opponent in the clinch. Martinez went for another takedown, but Malegarie stopped it once again and looked for a guillotine choke. Martinez would defend the choke and the action returned to the feet. The two would exchange punches at close range and Martinez landed a left hand that had Malegarie on his heels. With ten seconds left in the round, Martinez landed a takedown and the round ended.

Round 2 – Martinez opened the round with a combination of a jab and leg kick. He then grappled Malegarie against the cage, but Malegarie would be able to move away from his opponent. After Martinez threw a left hand, Malegarie went for a takedown but Martinez was able to stop it. The fighters would exchange strikes, but Martinez was having a tough time to land strikes, that were landing in the first round. The round would end with the fighters grappling each other in a close round.

Round 3 – Martinez was able to land a takedown in the first 30 seconds of the round and Malegarie was able to transition and get back to his feet. As the round goes on Martinez looks to be the fighter that may be out of gas and is looking for a takedown. Malegarie was able to separate from Martinez and the action moved to the center of the cage. Martinez landed several left lands that pushed back Malegarie and the fighters grapple against the cage. Martinez was able to secure a takedown in the final 15 seconds and the judges will decide the winner.

Result: Rad Martinez def. Nazareno Malegarie via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) to advance to the semifinals of the featherweight tournament.

Eddie Alvarez vs. Patricky Pitbull

Round 1 – At the start of the round, the fighter feel each other out. Alvarez lands a left hand that drops Pitbull. Then Pitbull gets up and lands a strike that had Alvarez on his heels. Alvarez was able to recover and grapples Pitbull against the cage. Pitbull is able to break away from his opponent and the action returns to the center of the cage. The fighters exchange punches and Alvarez lands a right head kick that dropped Pitbull, followed up with strikes and referee John McCarthy came in to stop the fight with four seconds left in the round.

Result: Eddie Alvarez def. Patricky Pitbull via KO (strikes) – Round 1, 4:54