Chris Weidman: It seems like Anderson Silva is ducking me

Following his win over Mark Munoz earlier this year, it appeared that Chris Weidman became the number one contender in the UFC middleweight division, but his next fight will not be for the title.


This situation has become tough for the number one contender and thinks the champion is dodging him.

“It sucks and I took a lot of risk in my career to get to the point where I am the number one contender,” Weidman said. “Than for the champion, who is the man, I have nothing bad to say about him and to start kind of dodging me is pretty tough.”

Does Weidman believe the champion is ducking him? “I don’t know,” he said. “It seems like that at this point to tell you the truth.”

Over the past couple of month, Silva has stated he doesn’t want to fight Weidman at this point and addressed the situation at the UFC 153 post fight press conference this past Saturday night.

“I don’t have any intention of fighting him (Weidman),” Silva said. “I still think he has a lot to do in the UFC. I am 37 years old, he’s a kid that is starting. Obviously, this might happen but I have two fights in my contract and I think one of them will be with St-Pierre and I don’t really have any intention in fighting with him (Weidman) because I’m not a fool. I’m already an oldie, you know?”

Silva may only have two fights left on his contract, but also said at the post fight press conference that he would like to fight for five more years. If Weidman defeats Tim Boestch at UFC 155 in January and Georges St-Pierre is defeated by Carlos Condit next month, Silva may have no choice and have to take on Weidman.