Is Strikeforce coming to an end? Frank Shamrock believes so

Since Zuffa bought Strikeforce last year, the biggest question around the mixed martial arts promotion is whether it would stay around.

With the last two fight cards being canceled, it has been speculated that Strikeforce could be coming to an end. One of the people that believes that this is the case is former Strikeforce fighter and Showtime analyst Frank Shamrock.

During this week’s edition of “Inside MMA” om AXS TV, Shamrock told the show why he believes the days are numbered for the organization.

“Sadly, I think Strikeforce is coming to an end. We have been consumed by a much larger company. They’ve got a brand and a direction that doesn’t seem like it includes the Strikeforce brand. So, if history repeats itself, I think it’s gonna go away, and we’re gonna have a new show, a new opportunity, and hopefully a new platform.”

If he had the money, he would love to save the brand but simply does not have that kind of money.

“I don’t have the money to buy it to keep it going. I mean, unless you’ve got the money, call me! I’ve been a risk taker for a long time, I put a lot money in the sport and made a lot of money. I just don’t see any way to save it, right now. I don’t have the cash to do it.”