Michael Bisping calls for interim title if Anderson Silva plans to take time off

It was reported yesterday that UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva wants to take some time off away from the cage and not return until late 2013.

Tom Szczerbowski/US PRESSWIRE

After hearing this news, top middleweight contender Michael Bisping sent a tweet to UFC President Dana White that if Anderson is going to be away, his fight at UFC on FX 7 against Vitor Belfort should be an interim title fight.

“If Anderson wants to take time off to be a movie star make me and vitor for the interim title,” Bisping tweeted to White.

Silva will apparently have a role in an upcoming Steaven Seagal movie and told Tatame that he does not plan on returning to the UFC till the end of 2013.

If Silva plans to wait until the end of 2013 to return, the UFC could end up deciding to have a interim title fight, especially if the plan is for him to place welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre in a super fight.

Time will tell whether Silva will not return till late 2013, but this could be a way that Silva is looking to get a new contract and more money out of the UFC. After his recent fight at UFC 153, White said that the middleweight champion had two fights left on his contract and he would be talking to the fighter and his management team about his contract.