TJ Grant withdrew from UFC 164 due to a concussion

It was announced on Friday night that TJ Grant was out of the UFC 164 main event against lightweight champion Benson Henderson and former WEC champion Anthony Pettis would be stepping in for Grant. UFC 164

UFC President Dana White tweeted about the change after a story was posted on and said the fight between Henderson and Pettis is a “sick fight.”

Once the announcement was made about Grant being out, the Canadian fighter went to Twitter to explain that the reason he pulled out of the fight was due to a concussion.

Before and after Grant revealed the injury, many mixed martial arts fans had conspiracy theories about the injury. Many fans on social media believed that the UFC had paid Grant to fall out of the fight. However, Grant responded to these people on Twitter to say that the UFC or White did not pay him any money to step out of the fight and let Pettis get the title fight.

Grant did not reveal how long he will need to recover from the concussion. White or the UFC has not said what the plans are for Grant but it would appear likely that he will get the winner of Henderson/Pettis either late this year or early in 2014.