The MMA Report Podcast: UFC 240 Preview, Modestas Bukauskas and Jason King

Get ready for Saturday’s UFC 240 by listening to this episode of The MMA Report Podcast as Jason and Daniel preview the event. In addition to previewing UFC 240, Jason has interviews with Cage Warriors light heavyweight champion Modestas Bukauskas and Valor FC 62’s Jason King.

Also on this week’s podcast, Jason and Daniel take a look back at UFC on ESPN 4, preview Thursday’s Professional Fighters League event in New Jersey and discuss Jon Jones facing a battery charge in New Mexico.

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7 Responses

  1. Money Super Fights

    I have a feeling Cyborg returns to the UFC on maybe a short term deal. Like say 2 or 3 fights. If not she does pro wrestling as well as boxing.

    I can’t believe Bellator didn’t want Calvin Cattar, but they really wanted Mlyes Jury. They gave him a big fat payday.

    Do you know anyway more big name free agents that have their contracts coming up? I thought Overeem would be a free agent after his last fight. But I haven’t seen anything that says he is. His last fight was his 16th fight in the UFC. That means his 2 8 fight deals are complete. Maybe he is talk to the UFC about re signing. Or already has and we don’t know about it yet.

    Who ya got in these fights that may or may not ever happen?

    MVP vs Daley 2/ Fedor vs Wandy/ Nunes vs Cyborg 2/ HC vs JB 2/ Bader vs Jiri/
    Rampage vs Kharitonov? Barnett vs Mitrione? Pettis vs Gaejthe? Chandler vs Brooks 3/ Alvarez vs Aoki 3?

    • Jason Floyd

      Jed Goodman on Twitter posted a screenshot from Robbie Fox’s video interview with Dana White that showed fighters with one or two fights left on their current contract.

      MVP vs Daley 2 – Page
      Fedor vs Wandy – Fedor
      Nunes vs Cyborg 2 – Nunes
      HC vs JB 2 – Not sure who you are referring to here
      Bader vs Jiri – Bader
      Rampage vs Kharitonov – Kharitonov
      Barnett vs Mitrione – Barnett
      Pettis vs Gaejthe – Gaethje
      Chandler vs Brooks 3 – Chandler
      Alvarez vs Aoki 3 – Alvarez

  2. Money Super Fights

    I don’t see it. Can you send me the link?