It was revealed earlier today that Melvin Guillard had been released from the UFC following his unanimous decision defeat against Michael Johnson at UFC Fight Night 37.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

With Guillard now a free agent, speculation began about the future of the now former UFC fighter and if he could end up in Bellator. reached out to Bellator MMA Chairman and CEO Bjorn Rebney about whether his organization would be interested in signing Guillard, but he said they will not be making him a contract offer.

“Melvin’s management reached out to us early this morning via email, but we will not be making an offer to Melvin,” Rebney said. “He’s had some great fights. But, our Lightweight division is stacked and we’re heavily focused on our Lightweight developmental program.”

Guillard (31-13-2, 2NC) initially made his debut in the UFC after being a contestant on the second season of “The Ultimate Fighter.” After being released following his defeat to Rich Clementi at the end of 2007, he returned to the organization the following year and would go on to win seven of his next eight fights.

Since that run, he only has two wins in eight fights and is 1-2, 1NC in his last four. Following his defeat to Johnson earlier this month at UFC Fight Night 37, Guillard drew heavy criticism from UFC President Dana White on his performance in the fight.

“There’s no doubt Melvin ran the entire fight and was incredibly passive, the complete opposite of how he used to fight,” White said during the post fight press conference. “There was a lot of smack talk leading up to that fight, and those are the fights that everybody gets excited about, and nine times out of 10 they end up like tonight. Those drive me crazy.”

With Bellator not being an option for Guillard, a potential landing spot for Guillard could be the World Series of Fighting. They have signed several former UFC fighters after they have been released, and could be a potential opponent down the road for lightweight champion Justin Gaethje.

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  1. Sory Dickdonald

    No son, ur LW division isnt all that stacked. Melvin will kick thru most of thm.def ur in ur top 3.stop pretending like u r the ufc.

      • Jason

        Thats exactly what he meant when he said “we’re heavily focused on our lightweight developmental program”

        Translated : We dont need someone on the downslide of his career smashing all of our talent.

    • Stephen

      I disagree (about the lightweight division anyway), Bellators lightweight roster is probably the only good thing they have going for them. Alvarez and Chandler would both easily fit into the UFCs top ten LWs.

    • Michael Cook

      That depends on if melvin the fighter or melvin the track star showed up

    • Michael Cook

      That depends on if melvin the fighter or melvin the track star showed up

  2. Jon

    Overjoyed to hear this. Bellator doesn’t need guys like this.

  3. Anonymouse (intentional...:)

    Bellator’s not willing to sign Guillard because they are already stacked? They signed Melendez, and lost him. If they’re stacked now, what were they before they signed Melendez and what did they think they were AFTER signing Melendez? Makes no sense.
    They’re not stacked. It’s gotta be an issue that came up with Guillard’s manager or Guillard himself. Guillard would definitely add to the Bellator LW division.

  4. enforcrYoav

    Translation: He doesn’t want Melvin to get a lucky punch and fight his way to the championship, maybe getting another lucky punch and winning it all.

  5. enforcrYoav

    at least Bellator has the courtesy to say no unlike the UFC to offer slave wages.