Nah-Shon Burrell: I remember when people were buzzing about me and I want that back

The 2014 MMA campaign for Nah-Shon Burrell didn’t get off to the most auspicious start. Burrell was finished for just the second time in his career back in March against Andrey Koreshkov, so he’s looking to rebound tonight against up-and-coming prospect Michael Page at Bellator 128.Nah Shon Burrell

Losing to Koreshkov was an eye-opener for Burrell, a former UFC and Strikeforce fighter. Since then, Burrell has altered his game.

“[After the Koreshkov loss] I had to really sit down and retool my game. Just… fix it, fix it for me from the way it was before,” said Burrell. “You have to do different things to create openings and opportunities, and that’s what I’m working on now.”

Strictly from a striking standpoint, Burrell will also look to utilize a more well-rounded approach on the feet.

“I’m an explosive athlete, and I haven’t been using every aspect of the game. I’ve just been hoping that I can maybe walk you down enough to where you’ll stop moving, and I can start throwing punches,” said Burrell. “Now I’m starting to use kicks and a lot of different movements to set up my strikes. My new style has more angles, more head movement, more footwork – all of that.”

Against Page, Burrell expects to face an unorthodox style, although he’s confident that his repertoire will lead him to success.

“I guess we’ll see if Michael Page deserves the hype he’s getting. I’ll give him this – he can control distance very well. With his unorthodox style, he forces people to turn into a robot,” said Burrell. “If I do what I’m apposed to do then everything he does will be negated.”

Burrell is well-aware that the majority of interest in this fight is generated because of Michael Page’s status as a prospect, which is a status that Burrell hopes to stunt in order to propel himself back up the ranks.

“Everybody is talking about him… and I’m jealous. I want that back. I’m 100% serious. I remember when people were buzzing about me, and I want that back. Somewhere along the line that fell off to the wayside, and I want it back. And this is how I get it.”