Former Bellator light heavyweight champion Emanuel Newton tested positive for marijuana in a secondary drug test administered at Bellator 134 two weeks ago.

Daniel Dahlback - The MMA Report

Daniel Dahlback – The MMA Report

Mohegan Tribe Department of Athletic Regulations Director Mike Mazzulli confirmed the positive drug test to The MMA Report on Thursday.

For the positive drug test result, Newton has been suspended 90 days, fined $3,000 and must submit a clean drug test to come off suspension.

Earlier this week, the commission told The MMA Report that the drug test results came back inconclusive and Mazzulli stated that the positive drug test from Newton came in a secondary drug test that was tested by the lab. In addition, Mazzulli stated that the Mohegan Tribe commission has a zero tolerance policy on marijuana was Newton’s levels were over 100 ng/mL.

Newton was defeated by Liam McGeary in the main event of Bellator 134 on February 28 to lose the Bellator 205 pound title. The defeat snapped a seven fight winning streak and it was his first defeat since losing to Attila Vegh in the 2012 Summer Series light heavyweight tournament semifinal.

After being informed by the commission about the positive drug test, The MMA Report reached out to Bellator for a comment on the positive drug test of Newton and the promotion released the following statement.

“It is important for all athletes to abide by the rules of the governing commission and we fully support the commission in their decision,” the statement said. “We look forward to seeing Mr. Newton get back in the cage once he serves his suspension.”

24 Responses

  1. Daddy

    See? The UFC isn’t the only organization whose athletes know where to score.

  2. Skid

    Weed is not a performance enhancing drug. The suspension should be minimal.

    • Jason Floyd

      Marijuana is a banned substance. The Mohegan Tribe of Department of Athletic Regulation has a zero tolerance policy.

  3. rick reeves

    not one of those commission members probably has never fought in a MMA fight and if they did, then pot would not be banned. This is a medication. Fighters and many sports athletes bear immense pressure on their bodies. This is so stupid putting Pot on the banned list but they can drink alcohol, get arrested for violent crimes under the influence but they can’t smoke a joint after getting the shit kicked out of them is just plain ignorant.

  4. Chef Michael Ennes

    Amen Rick Reeves. Why did bleacher report chose to say “suspended for drugs”, when everybody else said “marijuana”? Sensationalizing a little boys? At the fighters expense? Is that really necessary?

  5. Keith

    I totally agree with the fact that ‘Pot’ is NOT a performance enhancing drug, used mainly to help relax, and Medical reasons,.. Stupid to think that it helps to um,.. help a persons physical abilities,.. lol
    The world Governments are now realizing that it actually helps a person in certain ways…

  6. John

    Marijauna, which a recent study proved to be 114 times safer than alcohol, is often linked by authorities, whether they be the American legal system or governing sports commissions, to much more dangerous drugs. You always hear the ignorant argue that pot is a “gateway” to harder drugs. BS–that’s like arguing beer leads to the use of absinthe. Our prisons are full of otherwise decent people convicted on marijuana charges, costing us untold amounts in tax dollars; but, the private prisons and cleaning up. It’s insane. When is this witch hunt for profit going to end?