Joe Schilling: I think I win this fight by using my footwork, speed, and my power

One of the most exciting fighters in Bellator will return tomorrow night as Joe Schilling puts on a pair of MMA gloves and will meet Rafael Carvalho in the co-main event of Bellator 136.

Bellator MMA
Bellator MMA

Schilling (2-3) came back to MMA last year and defeated Melvin Manhoef by knockout at Bellator 131. The knockout was considered one of the best of the year and since that fight, Schilling took a kickboxing bout with Glory and won by unanimous decision in February.

Bellator and Glory are both aired by Spike TV and Schilling is very thankful that he is able to fight for both promotions on the same cable network.

“I am signed with both companies and I am enjoying being with both of them,” Schilling told The MMA Report. “It’s fantastic that Spike TV is giving me the opportunity to fight for both promotions on the same channel. Right now, I am enjoying going back and fourth. It would be nice if I had two of the same in a row. It would be a little more preferable. I intend to continue to do well in both.”

If you are not familiar with Schilling, you may have the perception that Schilling is just a striker. However, that is not the case. He works on the other aspects of this sport on a daily basis and being back in MMA has made training more fun for him.

“I am always working on my ground game,” he said. “I am always doing jiu-jitsu and I am always trying to get better at wrestling even when I have a kickboxing fight. It’s a little bit more important when I have a MMA fight. The work ethic is the same and the daily grind is the same. Actually, it’s a lot more fun now. I am learning new things and it keeps me on my toes. It does not get to much of the same reputation all the time. I have been doing kickboxing for like 15 years and you can only hit a bag for so long before you get sick of it. It’s really exciting for me right now. Being able to fight on both promotions and stay active.”

His opponent tomorrow night is coming off an impressive win last year against Brian Rogers and offers several challenges for him. Schilling views Carvalho has a very well rounded fighter and feels he is dangerous. While he knows the skills his opponent will bring to the cage, Schilling believes the keys to victory will be his footwork, speed, and power.

“I win this fight — they raise my hand at the end,” he said. “I think I win this fight by using my footwork, speed, and my power. I think at some point in that three round fight, there is an exchange that happens, I hit him and he falls down. I think that is what is going to happen. I think I will use my footwork and my movement. Pick my shots and one point or another, something I hit him with will put him out.