Brandon Halsey and Kendall Grove were drug tested today by California State Athletic Commission

Following comments made by Kendall Grove about Brandon Halsey to the media on Tuesday, the California State Athletic Commission ordered both fighters to submit to out-of-competition drug test today.

Bellator MMA
Bellator MMA

California State Athletic Commission Executive Director Andy Foster confirmed to The MMA Report on Wednesday afternoon that both fighters were drug tested today.

On Tuesday, Grove told The MMA Report that Halsey is a “juiced up guy” and made claims about Halsey receiving an email about “cycling on and off.”

“He is juiced out of his mind,” Grove said. “I know for a fact. I am going to beat a juiced up guy and I am going to take that belt home to Hawaii. If he thinks he is going to walk right through me, I am stoked that he thinks that. This is his first five round fight and I am going to take him into deep waters. I hope his cardio is good. I hope his stand up is good and god bless him. Let’s just say I have friends that use to train with him and he left an email open. In that email, there was like a chemist list of a bunch of sh-t that was address to him about how to cycle on and off. No way you can look the way he looks with all of those veins and stuff.”

Following the news of the California State Athletic Commission confirming that drug test were ordered for both fighters, Halsey issued a statement on his Twitter account.

“Not that most people care, but just took my 20th drug test,” Halsey tweeted. “I hope a couple of poor losers have some evidence to back up their claims.”

The drug test results have been expedited by the commission according to Foster and the results are expected back before Halsey is scheduled to defend the Bellator middleweight title against Grove in the main event of Bellator 137 next Friday night in Temecula, California.