CES MMA 29’s Eric Spicely always wants a quick finish since he does not get paid by the round

Eric Spicely is known as “The Dream Catcher” due to his abilities to derail the dreams of his opponents and he will look to remain undefeated in two weeks when he meets Harley Beekman at CES MMA 29 in Rhode Island.

Photo via Spicely's Facebook
Photo via Spicely’s Facebook

All of Spicely’s fights have come in the CES MMA cage and his last five wins have come by stoppage after winning his pro debut in 2013 by decision.

His most recent win came in January as he submitted Kevin Haley via a heel hook at CES MMA 27 and two of his last three win have come via submission. As Spicely pointed out to The MMA Report, he does not get paid by the round and he will always look to finish a fight quickly.

“I train very hard and train for a full fight, but we do not get paid by the rounds,” Spicely said. “All of these guys say they want to go out and have a war and get beat up. I just want to win and I like to train the next day and go out to brunch with my team. There is no sense in losing brain cells and I just like to get it over with. There is no need to prolong it and fight the fight. Once I get a guy down, I want to finish it and be over.”

On June 12 in Rhode Island, he will face a fighter that is currently on a three fight winning streak and two of those wins have come in the CES MMA cage. In preparation for this fight, Spicely believes he is facing an opponent that is athletic and strong looking.

“He is a seasoned guy. He is incredible athletic, incredible strong looking, and I do not know how strong he actually is. He comes to fight. He likes to grapple, which is fine with me. He likes to strike, which is also good. I am ready for an extremely tough fight and I think it’s going to be great.”

Spicely is a training partner of current CES MMA welterweight champion Chuck O’Neil and the two MMA fighters had their first professional wrestling match earlier this year. They bring out the best in each other and both fighters have the same mentality, finish their fights as quickly as possible.

“That is the plan every time. We train to finish and there is no need to sit in there and play around. We want to get in there and get after it,” Spicely stated. “Just like Chuck in his last fight. He could played a passive kickboxing game, but we went right after him. He got the knockout in ten seconds and that is just what we do.”

With a record of 6-0 and five of those wins coming by stoppage, it may only be a matter of time before we see Spicely on a bigger stage. Just like a majority of fighters, his goal is to get to the UFC and make a living out of being a professional prize fighter.

“Getting to the UFC is number one and trying to make a sustainable living off of fighting. Not having to work full time, which is what I do now. Be able to relax and train more, which would be even better. Once you get to that next level, staying there is the hardest part. Keep winning and hopefully get to that next level.”