Following health scare on TUF 21, Steve Montgomery is excited to return to the cage on Friday night

During last week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter 21, American Top Team’s Steve Montgomery was removed from the show following a health scare in the house.fcf-2-270x-5-22

Montgomery went to the hospital for the health scare and all the show revealed was that Montgomery was being removed from the program. Everything would be fine with Montgomery, but you have to wonder if there was a moment that the American Top Team product thought his career was over.

“There really wasn’t,” Montgomery told The MMA Report. “My thoughts were occupied in the ambulance right about holy crap what just happened. First initial thing was not if I am ever going to fight again, can I get back on the show. I was kind of worried about the immediate future. I was not thinking anything super negative like that. I just knew I had to roll with it and let things come together and they did.”

With everything being fine with his health, Montgomery will step back into the cage on Friday night when he meets Ralph Johnson at FCF in Orlando, Florida. He is excited about getting back into the cage and believes his opponent is going to bring the fight to him.

“I have not stopped training since that Titan fight because I knew about the show two weeks prior to that,” he said. “I do not mean to be so blatant. I do not mean to be so honest but I got bust a nut. I feel like I just had intercourse for the last six months and nothing came of it. I have to get it out of my system. I just got to go out there and have fun. I wanted to fight so bad on the show. I am definitely excited to go out there and Ralph is going to make it a fight. The dude shows up to every fight and ready to scrap. Just because the guy has 14 losses, he is dangerous as hell. He has nothing to lose and he wants to make me his biggest win. It’s an exciting fight, dangerous fighter, and I know he is going to make it a fight. I am pretty pumped.”

In last week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter 21, UFC President Dana White stated that he wanted to see Montgomery get healthy¬†and prove he can make 170 pounds. With this fight on Friday, does Montgomery view this as the fight that could get him placed on The Ultimate Fighter 21 Finale in Las Vegas?

“Hell yeah. That’s it,” Montgomery stated. “Though text messages and things like that, Dana told Dan [Lambert] once we finally realized that I would not be getting back on that show and Dan even asked if I could get a fight on the finale. Dana said I can not promise that. He said, go get the kid a fight. So us he can make the weight and if he wins, we will give him a shot.”