The Ultimate Fighter 21 Episode 3 Recap

The third episode of The Ultimate Fighter 21 premiered on Wednesday night on Fox Sports 1 and began with American Top Team discussing their second straight defeat in the competition. TUF 21

Back at the house, Blackzilian member Valdir Araujo notices that one of his wine bottles is missing and immediately accuses the members of American Top Team of drinking his wine. While they denied drinking his wine, American Top Team’s Michael Graves admits to his teammates that he did drink the wine.

At the American Top Team gym, the coaches discuss who should fight for them next. They mention Steve Montgomery and Steve Carl. They end up going with Carl and he discussed his fighting style. Over at the Blackzilian gym, the coaches decide to go with Araujo following a training session and seeing the results of that practice.

Both teams head to the Blackzilian gym for the weigh-ins for the third fight. While Araujo made weight, Carl missed weight by 3/4 of a pound. Carl went to the sauna at the gym and the Blackzilians had an issue with Carl using their sauna. Tyrone Spong and Michael Johnson went over to the American Top Team to let them know that Carl could not use their sauna. After an exchange of words between Nathan Coy and Spong, Carl left the sauna and made weight at 171 pounds.

After both fighters go through a last minute strategy session, the fight between Araujo and Carl takes place at the Blackzilian gym. As the fight opens, both fighters come out throwing big right hands. After exchanging strikes for 90 seconds, Araujo attempted to get the fight to the ground. He would get the fight to the ground for a moment, but Carl would immediately get up. They battled against the fence for the rest of the round and the fight moved into the second round.

In the second round, Carl worked for a takedown in the second minute of the round and once again, they battled against the cage. Araujo would end up going for a guillotine against the fence and took the submission to the mat. Carl would end up tapping to the submission and the Blackzilians have won all three fights so far this season. With the victory, they now have a 75-0 point lead heading into next week’s fourth fight.