UFC Fight Night 65’s Sam Alvey: My more immediate goal is I want to be the “TUF Killer”

With two consecutive wins in a row, Sam Alvey will try to make it three this Saturday at UFC Fight Night 65.UFC Fight Night 65 Poster

Alvey, who is taking on Olympic judo player and Australian Daniel Kelly, has scored his two straight UFC victories over Cezar Ferreira and Dylan Andrews.

What Ferreira and Andrews have in common is that they have competed on The Ultimate Fighter, which is relevant to Alvey who has made a goal out of beating TUF alumni.

“My biggest goal in the UFC and MMA is I want to be the champ,” Alvey told MMA media producer Rick Lee. “My more immediate goal is I want to be the ‘TUF Killer’. Everyone knows I went on The Ultimate Fighter, had a huge, huge intro into the house, and then i kinda flopped out.”

“The weight cut got me. It turns out, if I had waited one season, it would been a 185 [pound] season. I could’ve beaten them all.”

Without having had the chance to beat middleweights on The Ultimate Fighter, Alvey is looking to accomplish that goal in the UFC, and he has a few names that he wants to take on.

“I want to beat every TUF member from 185,” said Alvey. “I just beat the Brazilian TUF guy. There’s some American TUF guys I want to beat. Luke Barnatt, I’m coming for you eventually. There’s a few others.¬†Eventually, I’m going to a headline card, fighting Uriah Hall. That’s the eventual goal. [He’s a] great guy. I met him before, he’s a super talented fighter, and we could headline a Fight Night.”

Regardless, Alvey’s main focus is on Kelly, and fortunately for Alvey’s goals, Kelly competed on the last season of TUF Nations.

“My next fight is Daniel Kelly. He’s an Olympic judo champion from Australia,” said Alvey. “He’s been in 3 or 4 different Olympics for judo. He’s 9-0, he’s 2-0 in the UFC. He’s a superstar. He’s about as dominant an athlete as there’s been in the sport.”

Given Kelly’s judo prowess, Alvey has an idea of where the fight will take place, and he’s more than willing to fighter Kelly wherever the bout goes.

“I know he’s not going to want to stand with me. It’s going to be a jiu-jitsu/wrestling/judo match,” Alvey said. “I know he’s going to try and grapple me because [of] my last couple of performances. He’s not going to want to stand.”

“My message [to Kelly] is just try and take me down,” Alvey said. “For this fight particularly, I’m working jiu-jitsu, I’m working wrestling, I’m working judo. I’m prepared to beat you anywhere, on the mat, on the ground, on the cage, anywhere.”