The Ultimate Fighter 21 Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode of The Ultimate Fighter 21 premiered on Wednesday night on Fox Sports 1 and began with Dan Lambert asking Steve Carl why he was unable to perform against Valdir Araujo.TUF 21

The American Top Team coaches sat down at their gym to discuss who should be fighting next for them. They broke down various potential fights and they elected to go with Steve Montgomery. Back at the house, the Blackzilian coaches show up and began to discuss who will fight next for their team. They felt that American Top Team would chose Nathan Coy to fight next and they elected to go with Carrington Banks to represent them in the fourth fight.

The next morning while some of the guys are cooking breakfast, it could be heard that someone was calling for help. Several American Top Team fighters rush upstairs and Montgomery appears to be having a seizure. The fighters attempted to keep his mouth open as he was biting down on his tongue. The paramedics showed up at the house and Montgomery went to the hospital.

Lambert and UFC President Dana White reacted to what happened with Montgomery and the American Top Team coaches begqn to debate on who should fight for them now with Montgomery out. They end of going with Sabah Homasi and they talked about how Homasi is a dancer outside of competing in mixed martial arts.

Both teams head to the Blackzilian gym for the fight announcement and weigh-ins. Banks (170 lbs) and Homasi (171 lbs) step on the scale and both fighters made weight. Later that evening, Montgomery came back to the house and he admits that he did his weight cut wrong. Due to this incident, Montgomery was being removed from the show and White says that if he can get everything figured out, Montgomery will get an opportunity at some point in the UFC.

At this point, the fight between Banks and Homasi begins. After an exchange of strikes for 40 seconds, Banks looked for a takedown against the fence. Homasi would defend the takedown and became the aggressor. They would battle on the feet for a minute before Banks went for another takedown, which would be stopped by Homasi. Once again, Banks would look for a takedown against the fence and he would not be able to get the fight to the ground as the round came to an end.

As the second round started, both fighters had trouble connecting with their punches and while Homasi appeared to land a kick to the groin, but the action did not stop. They continued to have a striking matchup in the round before Banks briefly closed the distance and got on the back of Homasi. He would not be able to keep the position and the fight moved back to the center of the cage. Homasi would be able to capitalize on a missed kick of Banks and land strikes on the ground. Banks would be able to get back to his feet and the round ended with Homasi having all of the momentum.

Following the conclusion of the round, the referee informs both fighters their will be a third round to decide the winner. Homasi was able to carry the momentum from the end of the second round into the beginning of the third round as he landed several strikes. Banks would respond with his own strikes and Homasi landed a head kick that caught the attention of White and Lorenzo Fertitta. With two minutes left in the fight, Banks looked for a takedown but it was unsuccessful. They would battle on the feet for the final minute of the fight and the scorecards would decide the winner.

Both fighters were confident that they won the fight before the final scores were announced by the referee. The referee announces that Banks won the fight on the scorecards and the Blackzilians are now 4-0 this season. With the win, they now have a 100-0 lead and the fifth fight will be held at the Blackzilians gym due to the victory by Banks.