The Ultimate Fighter 21 Episode 6 Recap

The sixth episode of The Ultimate Fighter 21 premiered on Wednesday night on Fox Sports 1 and the show began with American Top Team celebrating Hayder Hassan’s win on last week’s show against Andrews Nakahara.TUF 21

At the Blackzilian gym, coach Jorge Santiago talks to Nakahara and tells him that he needs to move on from the defeat. The team talks about avenging the lost of Nakahara in the next fight, which will take place at the American Top Team gym.

With two days before the next fight, the Blackzilian coaches discuss who should fight for them next. They immediately name Jason Jackson as a potential fighter to compete next and the coaches brought in the entire team to have a pep talk. At this point, they name Jackson as the fighter who will compete next for them and discuss how they need to get their hunger back.

Over at the American Top Team gym, the coaches discussed how they can even up the score with a win in the sixth fight. They mention two fighters who could fight next, with the fighters being Nathan Coy and Marcelo Alfaya. After their meeting, Dan Lambert goes up to Alfaya and tells him that he will be fighting next.

At the weigh-ins, Jackson and Alfaya step forward as the fighters who will be representing their teams in the next fight. Both fighters made weight and the fight is now official for the next day at the American Top Team gym. Following the weigh-ins, the American Top Team coaches do film study on Jackson and Hassan gave advice to Alfaya since he has fought Jackson in the past.

Later that night at the house, Alfaya goes through his unique last minute preparations with his breathing. The next day, both teams head to the American Top Team for the sixth fight of the season and the fighters get their hands taped in front of the commission.

As the fight started, Jackson was able to score early with his jab and time was called by the ref when Alfaya’s mouthpiece came out. The referee warned Alfaya about keeping his mouthpiece in and the fighters continued to have a striking battle. The fight would go to the ground at the two minute mark of the opening round, but Jackson would get the fight back to the feet. After striking for almost two minutes, Alfaya took the fight to the ground, but Jackson got back to his feet. The round would end with the fighters grappling against the fence and the fight moved into the second round.

The fighters came out firing their punches at the start of the second round and Jackson continued to land his jab. While Jackson was landing his jab, Alfaya was the fighter that was coming forward and pushing the pace. Jackson would continue to land his right jab and with one minute left in the round, Alfaya went for a takedown. The attempt would be unsuccessful and the round came to an end.

Following the conclusion of the round, the referee informs both fighters that there will not be a final round. Jackson would win the fight by majority decision (19-19, 20-18, 20-18) and the Blackzilians now have a 150-50 lead heading into next week’s seventh fight.