A heavyweight bout has been added to the Bellator 139 preliminary card on June 26 in Kansas as undefeated Brazilian Augusto Sakai will meet Daniel Gallemore.Bellator 139

The fight booking was announced by Bellator on Wednesday along with Jeimeson Saudino vs. Aaron Ely, Bobby Cooper vs. Pablo Villaseca, and Iony Razafiarison vs. Bryanna Fissori.

Bellator 139 will come from the Kansas Star Arena on June 26 and will be headlined by a heavyweight bout as Cheick Kongo meets former Bellator heavyweight champion Alexander Volkov.

Sakai (7-0) made his Bellator debut in 2013 and he was won both of his fights in the promotion by TKO/KO. His most recent win came in July of last year when he defeated Matt Frembling at Bellator 122. Gallemore (4-2) is currently on a three fight winning streak and he is 3-0 in Bellator. He is coming off a TKO win against Gzim Selmani at Bellator 130 and all of his wins have come by TKO/KO.

The current Bellator 139: Kongo vs. Volkov fight card is below.

Main Card: (Spike TV – 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT)
Cheick Kongo (22-10-2) vs. Alexander Volkov (24-5)
Pat Curran (20-7) vs. Goiti Yamauchi (18-2)
David Rickels (16-3) vs. John Alessio (35-17, 1NC)
Joe Schilling (2-4) vs. Hisaki Kato (4-1)

Preliminary Card: (Spike.com – 6:45 p.m. ET/3:45 p.m. PT)
Bubba Jenkins (8-2) vs. Joe Wilk (18-10)
Jeimeson Saudino (8-4) vs. Aaron Ely (4-2)
Bobby Cooper (12-5) vs. Pablo Villaseca (9-0)
Daniel Gallemore (4-2) vs. Augusto Sakai (7-0)
Iony Razafiarison (2-0) vs. Bryanna Fissori (1-0)

28 Responses

  1. Hardcore MMA fan

    What happened to Reyno/ Scott fight?

    • Jason Floyd

      Targeted fight. Not official at this time

  2. Hardcore MMA fan

    That Sakai vs Frembling fight was a war. I wish they put it up on Youtube.

  3. Hardcore MMA fan

    I read a couple of ppl’s comments on your Twitter. Ppl are saying that Bellator signs all these fighters from UFC that have a criminal past. Not his exact words, but that’s what he meant. Also One guy says Bellator hasn’t made any money and that having a big company doesn’t mean they’ve loads of money. Lol, that doesn’t even make any sense. Btw Bellator does make some money. Sponsors/ broadcast deals/ attendances & gates. Just bc the commision/ Bellator doesn’t make attendances & gates public does not mean nobody shows up..

    • Hardcore MMA fan

      And WSOF is now the one signing guys that got cut from the UFC with criminal pasts.

  4. Hardcore MMA fan

    Strikeforce made money too. The only problem was they paid their fighters a ton of money. KSW/ One Championship are very successful in their countries. No where near UFC only bc they have 95% best fighters and market share. Also they have like 600 fighters under contract. They are one of the biggest monopolies in the world.

    • Hardcore MMA fan

      M1 Global is another promotion that’s successful besides the UFC. Ppl are so pro UFC. They think that it’s the sport instead of giving credit to all MMA promotions. Bc without all these other promotions, the UFC would be nothing..

      • Jason Floyd

        Without Fertitta’s and Dana White, sport is not what it is today. Can’t deny there importance to the sports success.

  5. Hardcore MMA fan

    I’m watching 5 rounds (Fight Network) on Youtube and one guy says Wilson Reis the former Elite XC fighter. He doesn’t even mention he was a former Bellator fighter. He fought for Elite XC 3x and for Bellator 9x. Bellator doesn’t get the credit they deserve never. Ppl pretend like it doesn’t even exist.

    • Hardcore MMA fan

      Actually he fought for Elite XC 4x*

      • Jason Floyd

        Why does it bother you so much if they don’t mention a fighter competed in Bellator?

      • Hardcore MMA fan

        Bc they mention other places they’ve competed, but pretend like the Bellator stints never happened. Plus a lot of ppl don’t do their research before they report or say something. I hate false reporting. Btw Jason I talk a lot of shit about Bellator when warranted and praise them too. Just like other promotions. I just wish there was an even playing field in MMA. And I wish ppl weren’t so UFC bias.. I’ve been waiting for MMA to have competition for a long time. Guess I gotta wait a little longer.

  6. Hardcore MMA fan

    WSOF doesn’t do drug testing. They only did it with palhares/ Fitch.

    • Jason Floyd

      WSOF fighters are subject to drug testing. All of their events in Las Vegas and California had drug testing. Plus there events in Florida at it as well. In fact, they had a fighter in Nevada test positive for a banned substance last year.

      • Hardcore MMA fan

        How come none are failing tests except for a couple?

      • Hardcore MMA fan

        Only one guy I know that failed is Jon Fitch.

      • Jason Floyd

        Bryson Gutches failed his WSOF 12 post fight drug test. He tested positive for Furosemide and was suspended 9 months by the Nevada Athletic Commission.

        The fact is this: Drug testing has taken place at WSOF events. Just like Bellator, they depend on the state athletic commissions to drug test their fighters.

  7. Hardcore MMA fan

    I read an article about UFC vets going 3-0 I think over the weekend. But Richard Odoms never fought for UFC. They cut him before his debut. He fought for Bellator, Legacy, & Pro Elite. Get your facts straight Media/ ppl lol. Btw speaking of Pro Elite they haven’t officially folded, correct? Do you think they could be back in the MMA business?

    • Jason Floyd

      I get your frustration, but take that up with the author of the article you are mentioning, not me. I have nothing to do with it.

      On Pro Elite, if they can make money, they should stay in business. If they can’t, time to close up shop.

      • Hardcore MMA fan

        I know, I’m sorry I keep bothering you about it.

  8. Hardcore MMA fan

    Can you ask the ppl you’re doing the free giveaway with why it hasn’t came yet? Or to send it again?

    • Jason Floyd

      They were expected to be mailed on Tuesday. If you do not have it by this time next week, let me know.

  9. Hardcore MMA fan

    Ariel Helwani thought that Strikeforce was the minor leagues. How the hell could you say that Strikeforce was the minor leagues.. It was a major promotion. It had so many great fighters and big stars. It had great attendances/ gates. If he thinks Strikeforce was the minor leagues, then what does he think about Bellator. Prolly thinks it’s a regional promotion too. Some ppl think that Bellator isn’t clear number 2. They think it’s either One Championship/ KSW/ M1/ Bellator. M1 I added bc it’s on of the top 5 major promotions. 1. UFC/ 2. Bellator/ 3. One C/ 4. KSW/ 5. M1:

    • Hardcore MMA fan

      Do you agree with my top 5 MMA organizations? If not what are your top 5?

    • Jason Floyd

      Everyone can have an opinion, does not mean you have to agree with that opinion.

      • Hardcore MMA fan

        I know and I’m telling my opinion or telling what I think about their opinion lol. But I know what you mean. I can’t respond to everybody’s comments. Viacom/ Bellator needs to do thier own drug testing too. I hope they do that soon. They have the money, WSOF doesn’t.

  10. Hardcore MMA fan

    Do you think Scott Coker, Rich Chou, and the new regime are living up to expectations? Or do you think we should give them 1 more yr? It’s already been a yr now and not that much difference.

  11. Hardcore MMA fan

    I laugh my ass off when Bellator always says all their divisions are really stacked. The only stacked divisions they have are: Featherweight/ Lightweight/ Light Heavy.