The MMA Report Live take place today at 11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT on and the show is hosted by Jason Floyd of The MMA Report.MMAReportLive

On today’s show, Jason will be joined by Daniel Straus, Justin Lawrence, David Rickels, John Alessio, and Megan Anderson.

Also, the latest news in the world of mixed martial arts including the latest fight bookings in UFC, Bellator, and the World Series of Fighting.

Below is the scheduled times today’s guest will appear on the show:

  • 11:20 – Daniel Straus
  • 11:40 – Justin Lawrence
  • 11:55 – David Rickels
  • 12:05 – John Alessio
  • 12:20 – Megan Anderson

Along with topics about, Jason will take your phone calls at (813) 434-1037, tweets, and questions can be left in the comment section below.

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13 Responses

  1. hany

    What do you think the three announcements at Bellator 138 press conference are

    I am hoping it will be

    Bellator 141
    Will Brooks vs Marcin Held
    Marloes Coenen vs Julia Budd
    Bellator 142
    Liam mcgeary vs Tito Ortiz
    Marcos Galvao vs Eduardo Dantas

  2. Hardcore MMA fan

    Bellator 138 main card has fights for all MMA fans. Kimbo vs Shamrock is a freakshow fight, Pitbull vs Weichel is for hardcore fans, Lashley vs Charles is a fun fight, Chandler vs Campos is for hardcore fans, and Straus vs Corrales is a technical fight. Kimbo vs Shamrock is also to bring casual fans.

    I think Lashley’s first 2 fights should’ve been against Thompson and Charles. Then his third fight vs Kongo. Every promotion he fought for they protect him by giving him easy fights. This guy has 14 fights and he keeps fighting cans…

    Do you think Fight Night 68 is card of the yr so far? Dana thinks UFC 189 will shatter records. UFC 129 had 55k attendance and 12 million dollar gate. It’s impossible to top that unless they go to AT&T Stadium. Or a big Stadium in Ireland.

    • Hardcore MMA fan

      You say you’re not a fan of Bellator matchmaking. But were you when Caplan and Bjorn were running things? Or you’ve never been a fan of Bellator’s matchmaking?

      • Hardcore MMA fan

        WSOF matchmaking is way worse than Bellator’s

  3. Hardcore MMA fan

    Do you think one of the announcements for Bellator will be a co promotion with former Pride boss in Japan? Do you know if the whole Bellator 140 card is all welterweight fights?

    I know I said this about Bellator last week, but is WSOF destined to fail? It seems like it with their partners not putting them in a situation to succeed. And even when they aren’t going up against UFC or Bellator their ratings are the same. Also why would they put 3 title fights and the return of Tyrone Spong on a card vs UFC 190.. That’s just plain stupid.

    • Hardcore MMA fan

      You didn’t answer If 140 is all welterweight fight card and if you think FN 68 is fight card of the yr so far??

  4. Richard

    How bad does it hurt the image of the UFC when multiple fighters are begging for money on national television or even worse when they say they might need a second job when the Reebok deal starts like Rivera?

    Do you know anything about the extend of the injuries of Yamaouchi and Thompson?

    Have you heard how the ticket sales are for Bellator 138?

    Are you suprised there seems to be very little buzz for UFC 188? Granted, there is lot of filler on the undercardt but main and co main event look fantastic to me.

    How long will the NSAC postpone the Anderson Silva hearing? Are they hoping we forget he ever tested positive?

    Would Bellator change the start time of Bellator 138 if they had to go up against the NBA?

  5. Hardcore MMA fan

    Do you think now that the fighters lawsuit is in Navada that the judges will favor the UFC? And not be neutral like they’re supposed to be? Also what’s the latest on the FTC investigation?

  6. Hardcore MMA fan

    I thought you were gonna have Kimbo and Shamrock on this weeks show?

  7. Hardcore MMA fan

    Rickels vs Alessio was the Co Main from the beginning. Even before Yamauchi got injured.

    • Hardcore MMA fan

      WSOF hasn’t made a single penny. Every event it’s couple hundred ppl and sometimes over 1k. Their gates/ attendances are terrible.. They are pretty much screwed. And some of their cards are good ones. Maybe it’s bc they price their tickets really high.

  8. Hardcore MMA fan

    One last thing Jason. What does Zack Light really do for Bellator? Does he match make the prelims and find talent across the world? If I was Bellator I would’ve got rid of him and kept Caplan as matchmaker for the prelims and finding prospects. Chou and Caplan would be a good match. Haha get it?