Paul Daley: I think Josh Koscheck needs to win a fight first and we’ll talk after that

On a night of showcase fights for some of the top welterweights in Bellator, Paul Daley had a bit of tougher task than anticipated.

Bellator MMA
Bellator MMA

Dennis Olson was a difficult out for the Brit, who finally finished midway through the second.

“I’m always critical, I’m not 100% happy with my performance,” Daley declared about his performance. “I wanted to show improvements in my ground game. I hit a nice sweep out there, I defended a few of his submission attempts, but I think I did that. I’m still improving, you know.”

Thankfully for Daley, a win allows him to begin focusing on what is next.

“Sucks for [Douglas] Lima because that would have been a great fight. Me and Lima for the title. But I’ll fight Lima whether it’s for the title or not because I think that will be a great fight. I think the fans deserve that stand up war.”

While a good portion of the broadcast was hyping the Bellator acquisition of Koscheck and his beef with Daley, Semtex has some other thoughts.

“I think Koscheck needs to win a fight first and we’ll talk after that. Maybe Koscheck vs. Lima, maybe that’s an interesting fight next.”

But first, Daley will be fighting a kickboxing bout at the Bellator/Glory show in September.

“It was just a massive opportunity. I didn’t know too much about the show, it was pretty hush hush. I just woke up and it was on one of the MMA websites and my name was mentioned. And I was like ‘Really? Okay, yeah’.’ The guys over at K-1 are pretty cool. They are happy with the people at Glory and have obviously managed to work something out.”

After that, it’s all up Bellator. All Paul Daley want is the best and biggest.

“They know what the biggest fights are. They know Lima would be a big fight, they know Koscheck would be a big fight. Whichever fights are the biggest are the fights I’m gonna take.”