Titan FC 34’s Isaac Vallie-Flagg: I am not letting anything go to a decision anymore

Isaac Vallie-Flagg recently signed with Titan FC following a victory in June and will make his promotional debut next weekend when he meets Jason Witt at Titan FC 34.Titan FC 34

The former UFC fighter elected to come to Titan FC after hearing positive things about the promotion from other fighters. As Vallie-Flagg told The MMA Report, when a promotion does not treat fighters well, the news of that treatment spreads quickly among fighters.

Most fans likely remember Vallie-Flagg (15-6-1) from his time in Strikeforce and the UFC. Things did not go according to plan in the UFC and was released from the promotion following his decision defeat against Matt Wiman at UFC Fight Night 57.

He is coming off a win against Travis Coyle by submission in the first round and he will be looking to start a winning streak against Witt next Saturday night in Kansas City. When it comes to his opponent, Vallie-Flagg sees a very tough opponent on tape.

“What I have seen, he is a pretty tough kid. He likes to stand and bang, which is great for me,” Vallie-Flagg told The MMA Report. “I love that too and it’s great for the fans. I think that fans enjoy that kind of a fight. It should be a fun fight for everybody to watch.”

Every fighter has different thoughts on individual fights and how they may go. A very popular though is that a fight is more about what they are going to do, as opposed to what there opponent may want to do. Vallie-Flagg has this type of mentality.

“I think all of my fights I try to go into with that attitude of I am going to do what I want to do to the guy,” he explained. “Not so much think about what he is going to do. There has been a couple of fights that I definitely thought about the threat my opponent presented. I think I thought about that a little bit every fight. Every fight, I know what I want to do going in there.”

Fighters will always tell you that they learn more from losses than wins. The biggest takeaway that Vallie-Flagg took away from his defeats in the UFC is to no longer leave the fight in the hands of the judges and he plans to defeat Witt by stoppage next Saturday night at Titan FC 34.

“I am a grinder and I like to grind down people. The things I have worked on since leaving the UFC is I am not letting anything go to a decision anymore. You can kind of watch me grind me down and I am going to finish him. My submission game is not like my highlight, so I do not know if you are going to see a submission or not. I like to throw punches and I hit hard. Big fan of elbows and knees. Who knows what I am going to hit him with.”

Vallie-Flagg will be a guest on tomorrow’s edition of The MMA Report Live and along with discussing his fight against Witt, he will talk about the scoring system in MMA.