On this edition of The MMA Insiders Podcast, Sam Caplan and Jason Floyd discuss the recent weight cutting summit conducted by California State Athletic Commission Executive Director Andy Foster and ONE Championship banning weight cutting by dehydration.The MMA Insiders Podcast

Also on this week’s podcast, the guys discuss the World Series of Fighting releasing a fighter on Christmas Eve, what fight may be next for Conor McGregor, the pay-per-view buyrate for UFC 193, and what they believe will be the biggest MMA stories in 2016.

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3 Responses

  1. Hardcore MMA fan

    Bellator 142 was a success. They had 11k attendance and 715k gate. And the ratings were ok.

    Outta the free agents available and to come. Who do you think will re-sign with the UFC and who do you think will sign with Bellator.

    What are your New Yrs resolutions for 2016 Jason? And do you have any New Yrs Eve plans?

    Michael Page vs Fernado Gonzalez is rumored for Bellator 151. Any idea when it will become official? My guess is both fighters haven’t signed the contract yet.

  2. Hardcore MMA fan

    Now that football season is over will you be at MMA events covering them? For example UFC and Bellator.

    You know all these sites are UFC sites. And all the journalists work for the UFC. They just say they’re MMA sites and MMA journalists.

    That’s why they report false things about Bellator. Bc Bellator is the only one that wants to compete with the UFC. And nobody likes that. That’s why everybody hates Bellator.

    But The MMA Report is different. You guys covering all of MMA.

    Did you get my other ?’s and comments that I sent a couple of days ago?

    • Jason Floyd

      I answered your previous questions on Thursday’s episode of The MMA Report Podcast.

      In terms of the question you asked today, we are currently working out details of MMA events to go cover in 2016.