Shamrock FC

Nikk Willyard knows the key to victory on Saturday at Shamrock FC: Blitzkrieg is to keep his head in the game

Amateur mixed martial artist Nikk Willyard was introduced to the sport by his brother after he got into a lot of fights growing up and he will be looking to get back on the winning side of the fight on Saturday night in St. Louis when he meets Clayton Graves at Shamrock FC: Blitzkrieg.

Willyard (5-5) got off to a great start in his amateur career, but he has struggled to walk away with a victory in his past four fights. With what has happened in his previous fights, is there a major learning lesson for him?

“Never give up honestly. You have to have your mind at it one hundred percent or else, you are not there,” Willyard said on The MMA Report Podcast. “You are not going to take home that win if you are not dedicated one hundred and have your mind set for the fight.”

“I have a lot in my life going on right now and I am getting back up there on the pedestal,” he continued. “I lost my last consecutive four fights so I have to get my head back in the game most definitely.”

When it comes to his fight on Saturday night, Willyard admitted that he hasn’t really looked to much into his opponent. Of course, sometimes it can be hard to find footage of your opponent because video footage may not be out there. With that being said, Willyard is hoping that Graves will stand up and trade with him.

“I have been working and when I have not been working, going to the two different gyms I am at right now. Insane MMA and First Lieutenant MMA. I am hoping that he is a stand up guy. I would love it. Even if he is listening to this, I would love to stand up with him and go to town with him. My last couple of fights have not been anything like that. Hopefully he is a stand up guy. That is what I am looking forward to.”

For Willyard to snap his losing streak and get back on the winning side of the fight, he believes there is a simple key for this to happen.

“I got to keep my head in the game and that’s all it is. I am still the great fighter I have been. I had five consecutive wins in a row whenever I first started out. Very little training. I lost my first fight and then I shot off and I was doing good. Then I started to fall off my goals and I am going back. My head is in the game now and I am ready to show it on January 30.”