Watch the Bellator Special Announcement Press Conference today at 4 p.m. ET

Bellator MMA will be holding a press conference today at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT in Houston and Bellator MMA President Scott Coker will be making a special announcement.

4 Responses

  1. Hardcore MMA fan

    What are you hearing the special announcement is? Jeremy Botter said it’s them announcing a future fight card. Do you know what the fights are? Maybe announcing Chandler vs Thomson, Chris Leben’s debut, or Rampage’s return fight?

  2. Hardcore MMA fan

    A lot of things Bellator has done doesn’t make any sense. Them releasing a ton of really good fighters. Prospects, their champions, former champions. Why they don’t wanna lock up all their champs. Esp their young ones.

    Another thing their highest viewed fight/ video Chandler vs Alvarez 1 had about 5 million views on YouTube. And they took it down for no reason.

    Other fights after 138 they put some popular fights on YouTube. And a week or 2 later they took them down. Those for sure would’ve got millions of views.

    Last thing I wanna mention is their freak show senior fights. Fighters 40 n over main and co headlining their events. That’s insane. Time will only tell how much longer their new model will work. My guess is not that long.

    • Jason Floyd

      They post full fight videos on By putting it on their own website, they control the content (which means they sell the advertisement). If the fights are on You Tube, you can’t put your own commercial in the video.

  3. Hardcore MMA fan

    I have no idea why Bellator lets their fighters fight for other promotions. And get nothing in return. Minakov and Schilling on UFC Fight Pass. I mean WTF.. Maybe it’s to keep their fighters active and get paid more.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if UFC has talked to Minakov and his ppl. They have talked to other Bellator fighters and employees in the past. That still were under contract with Bellator. They even signed Rampage while he’s under contract with them.