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Shamrock FC Retaliation: Kevin Woltkamp talks about changes he made following pro debut

Heavyweight Kevin Woltkamp will look for his first career professional mixed martial arts win tonight in Kansas City, Missouri at Shamrock FC: Retaliation when he meets Chris Beal in the fight card coming from the Ameristar Casino.

Woltkamp (0-1) lost his professional debut in November at Shamrock FC: Ambush as he was defeated by Bo Kunz. Following that fight, Woltkamp has made some changes in his training and he explained those changes on Thursday’s edition of “The MMA Report Podcast.”

“Actually for the first time since I have been doing mixed martial arts, I actually have a striking coach,” Woltkamp said. “Legitimate striking guy. Kickboxer and I also have a boxing coach. So I am looking forward to this fight with the ability to feel more comfortable on the feet and not just rely on getting everything to the ground.”

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