WSOF 29 Medical Suspensions: Justin Gaethje receives indefinite suspension for unsportsmanlike conduct

The medical suspensions for WSOF 29 have been released by the Colorado State Boxing Commission and lightweight champion Justin Gaethje has been handed an indefinite suspension for unsportsmanlike conduct.

The Colorado State Boxing Commission released the medical suspensions on Tuesday to after they were requested.

According to Colorado State Boxing Commission Director Josef Mason, Gaethje’s suspension was due to the fighter jumping on the cage and Gaethje was previous warned about this prior to the event in written correspondence.

The complete WSOF 29 medical suspensions are below:

  • Justin Gaethje: Suspended indefinitely (unsportsmanlike conduct).
  • Brian Foster: Suspended 180 days or can be cleared early with Doctor letter (left knee).
  • Mike Hayes: Suspended 30 days (laceration).
  • Josh Caven: Suspended 45 days (laceration).
  • Josh Huber: Suspended 30 days (laceration).
  • Clayton Wimer: Suspended 45 days (nasal fracture).
  • Danny Mainus: Suspended 60 days.
  • Patrick Davis: Suspended 30 days.
  • Jacob Flesher: Suspended 30 days.
  • Chris Morgan: Suspended 45 days (weight).