Benson Henderson will make his Bellator debut next week when he meets welterweight champion Andrey Koreshkov in the main event of Bellator 153. Henderson will be looking to become the first former UFC fighter to win a Bellator title and get an inside look into the life of Henderson in the latest edition of “Bellator MMA: In Focus.”

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  1. Hardcore MMA fan

    Why do you think Shawn Jordan is still a free agent? He’s a decent heavyweight. And he’s 3-1 in Bellator. They could really use him. Their Heavyweight division is really weak.

    Who do you see these fighters signing with: Jared Rosholt, KJ Noons, Joe Riggs, Norman Parke, Feijao, Damon Jackson?

  2. Hardcore MMA fan

    Bellator cut Damon Jackson a couple of yrs ago despite being undefeated at that time. They have released a ton of Undefeated fighters before. And guys with 1 or 2 loses. Maybe they’re reasons and maybe there aren’t. Only the fighters and Bellator know.

    Idk what happened with Shawn Jordan and Bellator.

    Joe Riggs asked for his Bellator release to go back to the UFC. Now they cut him and he might be headed back to Bellator. Or retirement.

    You watching NHL Playoffs tonight? Or Kobe’s last game? I have it set on DVR.

    What are your favorite Black Mamba memories?

    I had cable, then canceled it and got it back. Now I’m gonna get rid of it again. Thinking about getting Fight Pass and Netflix instead.

    How’s Fight Pass? Is it worth it? Any issues with the stream or anything else? Is it in HD?

    • Jason Floyd

      From what I recall on Damon Jackson and Bellator, he was never signed to a multi-fight deal with them when he competed for the promotion and was not interested in signing a multi-fight deal with them since his goal was to get to the UFC. As I have said multiple times, it takes 2 sides to make a deal happen. If a fighter is not interested in signing a multi-fight deal, not much the promotion can do about that.

      When it comes to Fight Pass, a majority of my viewing of the product is during live events. For me, I have not had any issues with streaming content and yes, it’s in HD.