RFA 37: Clark vs. Viana took place on Friday night at the Sanford Pentagon in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and was headlined by Devin Clark winning the vacant light heavyweight title with a victory at the end of the second round against Rafael Viana.

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  1. Hardcore MMA fan

    Ed Soares has a massive ego. He compares RFA to College football. LMFAO..

    UFC is like the NFL. Bellator I compare to College football. Legacy, RFA, WSOF are all like Arena football or Triple A in baseball.

    What did you think when he compared RFA to College football and Bellator to the Canadian football league? I thought this guy is so full of shit even he doesn’t believe what he is saying..

    Daley vs KO’s II and Kimbo vs Thompson II are Bellator’s main n co for their London card. Those are 2 pretty weak ass main events for their first ever UK event.

    That’s BS that Kimbo and Ken only get 3 month suspensions. But Jessica Eye got a fucking yr for weed..

    Who do you think will be on the London and San Jose cards Jason? You think Lashley will fight on the San Jose event or the London event? And who do you think he’ll fight next? Like who makes sense for him? I think Minakov vs lashley title fight or Lashley vs Kongo makes the most sense.

    • Jason Floyd

      I understand where Ed Soares is coming from. Look at it like this. College football is the place you go before getting the potential to be signed by a NFL team. In college, you show that you have the abilities to be a top notch talent. What Soares is saying is this. You come to RFA to show you have the abilities to be considered a top talent. This is the fact. From 12/1/15 to 4/8/16, the UFC signed 52 fighters and 6 of those fighters came from RFA. Clearly, UFC is the NFL of MMA. I look at promotions like Legacy, RFA, Titan, etc as like the Triple A of MMA to use a baseball term. Not sure if there is a clear term for Bellator. They are clearly the number two promotion in MMA.

      When it comes to Bellator event in London, there is a press conference tomorrow and look for several matchups to be made official. I plan to discuss the Kimbo situation tomorrow on The MMA Insiders Podcast. Yes, I think it’s a complete joke if the suspension for Kimbo is only three months when he tested positive for an anabolic steroid and elevated T/E ratio. On San Jose, I think they dropped the ball by not putting Coenen/Budd on that fight card. On Lashley, if his next fight is not against Minakov, I would go with the Kongo fight.