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After what happened during first meeting, Luis Felix had no issues with booking rematch against Ryan Sanders

The main event of CES MMA 36 on June 10 at the Twin Rivers Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island will be a rematch as Luis Felix defends the CES MMA lightweight title against Ryan Sanders.

The initial meeting between the fighters came in January at CES MMA 32 as Sanders was a late replacement opponent for Felix, who was initially scheduled to defend the title against Waylon Lowe. With the first meeting being a short notice fight, it was contested at a catchweight of 160 pounds and Sanders would get the victory following an injury suffered by Felix.

During this past Thursday’s edition of “The MMA Report Podcast,” Felix explained that he had no issues in giving a rematch to Sanders for the CES MMA lightweight title and the two fighters agreed to the rematch just moments after their first meeting.

“Given what happened — he asked to do it again and I really did not have a problem with doing it again,” Felix explained. “It was unfortunate the way thing ended. I wish I would have been able to finish and move on to the next thing. I am not afraid of anyone. I would not duck anyone. Give what happened, I did not have a problem with giving him a rematch and making this fight for the title.”

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