Bellator announced earlier this week that they will be returning to pay-per-view later this year for Bellator 180 from Madison Square Garden in New York City and Jason Floyd offers up his take on this move on this week’s episode of The MMA Report Podcast.

Along with talking about that decision by Bellator, Jason gives his take on some of the latest news in MMA including Ryan Bader and Lorenz Larkin signing multi-fight deals with Bellator. Also on this week’s podcast, Jason has interviews with Emmanuel Sanchez, Chase Gormley, Steve Kozola, Chris Curtis, Luis Felix and Ryan Sanders.

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30 Responses

  1. Hardcore MMA Fan

    I told you a few times that Bellator would go back to PPV. And that they should have 2 PPV’s a year. Bc they have a roster now to do that. I also thought it would happen this summer. Bellator wasn’t gonna keep giving big fights on cable tv. Esp with the top ten guys they are signing.

    It’s a bummer that we were a few hours away from seeing Fedor vs Mitrione on Spike. And now you have to pay for it. Damn those kidney stones…

    You didn’t get to my Nelson vs Volkov ?

    • Jason Floyd

      Sorry about not getting to Nelson vs. Volkov. In term of the placement of that fight on the card, I think that may have more to do with UFC and FOX believing in Stephens fight delivering that the Nelson/Volkov fight.

  2. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Luke Thomas can’t believe Bellator doing PPV now. And not with Kimbo. He’s a huge ratings draw. But he’s not as big as Sonnen and Fedor. Plus now they have bigger names with guys that aren’t really old. Tho the top two fights on this PPV have really old fighters. I expect Bellator to do 2 PPV’s a year. Only once in a while they’ll do it.

    I think ACB is a top 5 MMA promotion. Hbu? I hope they get a U.S tv deal.

    • Hardcore MMA Fan

      But he wasn’t a big PPV draw like Sonnen or the others that are or gonna be on it*

    • Jason Floyd

      Chael and Fedor as a pay-per-view draw in 2017 is a little bit of an unknown. If Bellator would have done a pay-per-view with Kimbo, I think it would have done well for Bellator. Something to remember is that Kimbo had the ability to draw casual and non-sports fans to his fights.

      I like what ACB is doing. Are they a top 5 promotion in the North America? Probably not yet, but are definitely working towards that. They are paying good money to fighters on the “regional level” of this sport and with there product being free in the United States currently, they could have some issues in getting a media company to pay them a rights fee.

    • RODNEY P

      Hardcore MMA Fan, you out of your mind about Kimbo Slice not being a PAY PER VIEW draw because you are speaking from a unknown viewpoint because there wasn’t a PAY PER VIEW that Kimbo Slice was advertised as the draw. Kimbo Slice still has the highest draw of any MMA fight in television history with over 7 million viewers for his loss in Elite XC.

      • Hardcore MMA Fan

        JDS vs Cain is the highest rated fight on TV.

  3. Hardcore MMA Fan

    I didn’t say Kimbo wasn’t a PPV draw. I just meant not as big as Chael Sonnen was. And Kimbo was a huge tv ratings draw. The biggest in Bellator. Idk if there will ever be a bigger ratings draw for Bellator. But Kimbo only had I think one PPV. I really miss him. Rip Mr Kimbo Slice.

  4. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Davis vs Bader, Lima vs Larkin, Shlemenko vs Kato for the rest of the Bellator PPV. What ya think?

    • Jason Floyd

      Sounds like the PPV will only have 2 title fights. The 5th fight I would add to the PPV would be AJ McKee vs. James Gallagher. A fight like Shlemenko vs. Kato can be feature bout of the four fight card on Spike that night.

  5. Hardcore MMA Fan

    I think when T-Wood’s contract is up. He’ll sign with Bellator and UFC will refuse to match.

  6. Hardcore MMA Fan

    They should add McKee vs Gallagher as 5th fight on PPV. Or Shlemenko vs Kato. I hope they have Davis vs Bader title fight as main event of Spike TV prelims.

  7. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Jason, do you know when WSOF’s deal with NBC expires? And with who their next deal might be with? Maybe Netflix or FS2? Maybe sign a deal with Fight Pass or Pluto TV?


    Hardcore MMA Fan just stop trying to belittle Kimbo Slice ratings draw, Cain Velasquez vs JDS did around 5.7 million viewers, verified on multiple sites. And it failed to top Kimbo Slice vs James Thompson Elite XC fight that did around 7 million viewers, verified on multiple sites. Kimbo Slice never had a pay per view where he was the main event or the co-main event, so please stop trying to make your narrative look like it is a true statement or fact.

    • Hardcore MMA Fan

      My bad Rodney P. You’re right. I loved Kimbo. He was da man and the biggest ratings draw in MMA history. Kimbo only had one PPV fight. I wish he had more. Bellator messed up by not putting him on PPV. Tho JDS vs Cain peaked at 8.8 million.

      What 4 fights do you wanna see on Spike TV prelims?

      • Hardcore MMA Fan

        Actually I take that back I was right. You’re wrong. Kimbo vs Thompson peaked at 6.5 million. I knew I was right.

      • Hardcore MMA Fan

        You may think you’re always right. But most of the time you just talk outta your big fat ass.. Piece of shit…

      • Hardcore MMA Fan


      • RODNEY P

        There is not one verified rating that list JDS vs Cain Velasquez as the top drawing MMA fight of all time. So stop trying to sell your statement as truth. And the profanity towards me is laughable. Seriously? Would you ever say anything like that to a person’s face? The anonymity of the internet makes so many people brave.


    Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan, make sure to point out that Bellator has got to try to squeeze in Emmanuel Sanchez on that Bellator 180- Bellator NYC card (lol). Because you both know a Bellator Tent Pole event isn’t a Bellator Tent Pole event unless Emmanuel Sanchez is on the card somewhere (lol). In all seriousness, Bellator seems to have a knack for placing Emmanuel Sanchez on their Big Tent Pole events.

  10. RODNEY P

    Since it has been announced that Aaron Pico is going to be making his debut on the Bellator 180- Bellator NYC card, I am really looking forward to that. I would love to see others from the Fab Five or Sick Six on the prelims of that card as well, Ed Ruth, Tyrell Fortune, Jared Trice, Joey Davis, and Romero Cotton. A big audience to show off the Fab Five or Sick Six. And also have Baby Slice on the card. And congrats to Lorenz Larkin, talk about timing. Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan, also I am hoping Melvin Manhoef beats Raphael Carvalho (again, wink, wink), and Wanderli Silva beats Chael Sonnen because Melvin Manhoef vs Wanderli Silva, on paper, is a knockout waiting to happen.

  11. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Who’s really right Jason about the highest rated MMA fight on TV?

  12. RODNEY P

    HARDCORE MMA FAN, either grow up or grow up. The profanity is not wanted or appreciated. If you are not adult enough to handle your anger, then you don’t need to be on sites using profanity. Act like a adult.

    • Hardcore MMA Fan

      I shouldn’t of said that. I’m sorry for acting immature. It won’t happen again.

      Jason is JDS vs Cain or Kimbo vs Thompson the highest rated MMA fight on TV?

      • Jason Floyd

        Xlite XC Primetime: 4.3 million (average viewership), 6.5 million (peak viewership)
        UFC on FOX 1: 5.7 million (average viewership), 8.8 million (peak viewership)

      • Hardcore MMA Fan

        That’s what I’ve been trying to tell Rodney, But he refuses to admit he’s wrong.

  13. RODNEY P

    I saw those numbers on different sites. Thanks. HARDCORE MMA FAN, go cool your trophy or cookie or whatever. Because obviously that meant SO MUCH to you. Can’t deal with people with anger issues

    • Hardcore MMA Fan

      It didn’t mean so much to me. You just always think you’re right. And guess what most of the time you’re not. I see you have no life Rodney. You talk shit on every site all day. You are one of the biggest assholes and piece of shits who always thinks he’s right. And when you are proven wrong, you still act like you’re right. No wonder black ppl get killed everyday. If they are all like you I’m not surprised at all.

      • Hardcore MMA Fan

        And you kept saying you verified it on multiple sites. LMFAO.. You obviously can’t read. That’s bc you prolly didn’t go to school..