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Shamrock FC Aftershock: Julius Anglickas explains what he has learned from Jose Torres

The second professional mixed martial arts fight for Julius Anglickas will take place next weekend at Shamrock FC: Aftershock in Kansas City as he will meet Matt Foster on the fight card coming from the Ameristar Casino.

Anglickas (1-0) won his professional debut in January as he only needed 37 seconds to defeat Eric Crittendon at Shamrock FC: Blitzkrieg. During this past Thursday’s edition of “The MMA Report Podcast,” Anglickas was a guest on the show to preview his upcoming fight at Shamrock FC: Aftershock. Along with previewing his fight against Foster, he talked about training with current Titan FC bantamweight Jose “Shorty” Torres and one of the biggest lessons he has learned from him is movement.

“Me and him sparred at Saint Charles MMA and he moving,” Anglickas said. “I could not catch him. He was telling me all of the little things I was doing wrong. While all of this speed and madness was happening. He told me to protect myself, to keep moving and having someone constantly after me also. His style got me ready for Matt Foster also. ‘Shorty’ told me a lot of stuff on the ground and just relaxing. If I am tense with him, there is no way I am catching up to Torres. He has been a great partner and mentor. We both won the national tournament last year. He ended up going to Vegas and I didn’t. He has been guiding me very well through all of it.”

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