Association of Boxing Commissions

This year’s Association of Boxing Commissions Conference will be largest in the organization’s 28 year history

The annual conference for the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) will take place from Saturday, July 30 to Wednesday, August 3 at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada and this will be largest conference in the organization’s 28 year history.

The announcement of this year’s conference being the largest in ABC history was stated in a press release issued on Tuesday by ABC President and Mohegan Department of Athletic Regulation Director Mike Mazzulli.

“The 28th Annual Association of Boxing Commissions Conference will be held from July 29-Aug.3 at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas,” Mazzulli said in a press release. “The room block reserved a year ago was based on recent historical evidence (2014 & 2015 attendance), but the entire group of rooms originally reserved were booked over a month ago. The Conference people at the Monte Carlo generously added rooms to the block, 28% more than ever reserved before, and there are very few of those left.”

“Great care has also been taken to include fun, from high profile speakers to live entertainment at the banquet, the 200+ expected attendees should come away with the latest information, the best training from the best instructors (John McCarthy, Duane Ford, Jay Nady), and a renewed sense of direction in handling the challenges forever present in the combative sports industry,” ABC Board Treasurer, Lydia Robertson (Treasurer, AR) stated.

Topics on this year’s agenda include Performance Enhancing Drugs, Extreme Weight Cutting, Matchmaking, World Anti-Doping Agency Regulations, reports from the many ABC Committees, as well as taking proposals from Boxing Registry Providers.

“With federal legislation being proposed this year to cover MMA fighters, with interest from international members achieving voting status in general issues, with many new Committees offering updates on their specific issues, and with more new topics than ever before, there will be several votes taken of the membership,” said ABC Secretary Joe Walsh.

The complete agenda for the annual ABC conference is below.