Shamrock FC

With pro debut set for Saturday at Shamrock FC: Aftershock, Thomas Thatcher is excited to finally be able to throw elbows

The professional debut of Thomas Thatcher will take place on Saturday night inside the Ameristar Casino in St. Louis, Missouri as he will meet Chris Reed at Shamrock FC: Aftershock in a featherweight bout.

Thatcher enter his professional debut following a decision lost at Shamrock FC: Assault against Dominique Garcia and during his appearance on Tuesday’s “The MMA Report Podcast,” Thatcher explained that he is excited to finally be able to throw elbow.

“It’s the first time that I get to play with elbows,” Thatcher stated. “I am very excited for elbows. It sucked being in amateurs — that is another reason. I was tired of cutting weight for nothing and not have these other guys do it. But I am more so tired of being restrictive to no forearms or elbows on the ground. It’s part of my dirty wrestling game that I always love to play and I use it to get into better positions. I hope he wants to wrestle a little bit and go strength to strength. Just show him that I am pretty strong and hopefully put him on the ground quick. Get in a good position and touch his face with my elbows. Hopefully end it fast.”

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