Stephen Thompson continued his winning streak on Saturday night at UFC Fight Night 89 with a decision victory over Rory MacDonald and he talked about the victory on the post fight show on FS1.

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    Oh great, another fighter with the running man style. And much like Lyoto Machida has found out, once opponents figure out that running man style is really just a counter striking style and offers no real defense other than running away like mad when a opponent pressures that style, Stephen Thompson opponents will start beating him regularly like Lyoto Machida opponents have started beating him regularly now. That style is highly susceptible to head kicks, that style defense is just getting the hell out of there offering no head cover defense or any real takedown defense. That fighting style offers nothing when the opponents force him to back up. The leg kicks are only there to keep distance by really nothing else. And like Lyoto Machida is dealing with that running man style once it is figured out by his opponents, there is no real anything that style can offer to change up. I find Stephen Thompson fighting style boring and unexciting. But people are enamored with it and are pulling him up as if he is the next great thing. More power to him.


    Stephen Thompson vs Michael Venom Page. Talk about a style matchup. MVP would drop Stephen Thompson with a punch because he seems to carry a lot of power in his punches. I can’t see Stephen Thompson dropping MVP with a single punch.