Shamrock FC

Susie Wyatt will be making her professional MMA debut tonight at the age of 50

Tonight’s Shamrock FC: Explosion main card will see the professional debut of Susie Wyatt as she will meet Nikki Duncan on the fight card coming from the River City Casino in St. Louis, Missouri.

Wyatt had sixteen amateur fights and she will be making her pro debut at the age of 50. During a conversation with The MMA Report, Wyatt explained the role Shamrock FC President Jesse Finney had in making the decision that the time was now to make her professional mixed martial arts debut.

“Actually as an amateur, I’ve been having a really hard time in finding appropriate opponents,” Wyatt told The MMA Report. “I will go through three or four different opponents. At the last minute they are scrambling to find somebody for me and I am fighting in wrong weight classes. I have opponents that just don’t show. It’s been really hard for them to find opponents for me and it has just gotten to the point that it’s ridiculous.”

“Finally, Jesse Finney, that owns Finney’s MMA where I trained he said, ‘Susie it’s time.’ I am like, in the fall? And he said no, the time is now,” she continued. “And at 50-years-old, no time like the present. I don’t have the biggest window to do all of this. My window should actually be shut. If I don’t do it now, it’s not going to happen.”

Check out Wyatt’s complete interview with The MMA Report below.