On this edition of The MMA Report Podcast, Jason Floyd gets the podcast started by talking about some of the latest news in mixed martial arts including Michael Chiesa pulling out of UFC Fight Night 91 with a back injury and the solid fight bookings that have been announced for UFC 202 in August.

Along with discussing some of the latest news in the sport, Jason has interviews with Titan FC lightweight champion JZ Cavalacante, Greg Rebello, Pedro Gonzalez, Peggy Morgan, Kendrick Latchman and Aaron Poston.

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One Response


    Jason Floyd, I can see your point that the UFC will keep Bryan Caraway around in the title talk mix because of wanting some new blood in the Bantamweight title picture. And I can see the UFC sending Bryan Caraway and Miesha Tate on the talk show circuit and kind of market them as THE FIGHTING COUPLE if they were both holding the UFC Bantamweight titles at the same time. And of course, the talk show hosts would be asking them about marriage and blah blah blah. As far as Bellator goes, it has been one step forward and two steps backwards as of late like there is some big shots or big shot trying to undermine Scott Coker and staff and leave them to bare the brunt. Examples, advertising FIGHTERS FIRST (one step forward), then booking Evangelista Santos and Matt Mitrione on short notices to fight on the London card and this is with a lawsuit against Bellator accusing them of being careless about fighters safety (two steps backwards). Announcing a Women’s Featherweight title fight (one step forward), then announcing it will be on the prelims (two steps backwards). Announcing Darrion Caldwell will fight Joe Taimanglo in a number one contenders matchup (one step forward), then somehow managing to let the WSOF swoop in and sign Jesse Brock, who is on a six fight winning streak, in a not so deep Bantamweight division (one step backwards). Bellator has been full of this type of garbage lately. I wish Bellator would just hire Jason Floyd and Sam Caplan to do a once a week MMA show that would be aired on Spike or YouTube in order to draw more people to their product. Yeah, I am sure a beautiful white female would be thrown into the mix of a show like that because that is the way things are done with networks these days. Bellator should just hire Jason Floyd to be there MMA reporter. I have no idea what is the plan for Bellator.