Welterweight Jason King will be looking to secure his third professional victory on Saturday night at Valor Fights 35 as he will meet Nick Martino on the fight card coming from the Appalachian Fairgrounds in Gray, Tennessee.

King (2-1, 1NC) made his pro debut last year and both of his wins have come by stoppage. This will be his second fight of 2016 as he submitted William Ewers at Valor Fights 30 in February and along with being a fighter, he is also a judge and referee.

During a recent interview with The MMA Report, King talked about what he has learned from seeing the sport from a referee and judge angle. He explained how it’s very difficult for him to be impressed and how the fight game is just a chess match.

“I have been around this long enough to where — I don’t want to sound snobby or anything, bit it’s very difficult to impress me,” King recently told The MMA Report. “Whether it’s watching fights, judging or refereeing fights. I really get detached from them. At this point, it’s very hard to get me excited about anything if my teammates are not in it. It’s more of like a chess match. Oh, that guy did a good job of doing this. Oh man, he should have done that.”

“So as a ref, you kind of have to focus on making sure both competitors are safe,” he continued. “They are both doing things that are allowed. Make sure there is nothing illegal. But I think I have always had that mentality ever since I started. Whenever I watch fights, it’s very rarely for me becomes a matter of pure excitement at this point. It always just observing. Just watching and seeing what was done well. What was done not so well. Making my own mental adjustments and add that into my own fights.”

Check out King’s complete interview with The MMA Report below.