Lance Palmer on scorecards in first meeting with Alexandre Almeida: I still don’t see how they gave it to him

Former WSOF featherweight champion Lance Palmer will look to become a two-time champion tomorrow tonight at WSOF 32 in Everett, Washington as he will meet current champion Alexandre Almeida in the co-main event of the fight card.

The first meeting between Palmer and Almeida took place just over seven months ago and all three judges scoring the fight for the Nevada Athletic Commission scored the fight for Almeida. Several people in the mixed martial community felt that Palmer should have won the decision on that night and shortly after the decision was read, WSOF President Ray Sefo told the media that an immediate rematch would take place.

When Palmer steps into the WSOF cage tomorrow night, it will have been 225 days since their first meeting. The promotion has been releasing a video series on Palmer called, “Lance Palmer’s Road to Redemption.” A portion of this video series takes a look back at the first fight and during Wednesday’s edition of “The MMA Report Podcast,” Palmer talked about the first fight and how he still does not see how the judges gave the first fight to Almeida.

“The only thing that me, my teammates and my coaches could come up with at all was that he walked forward and stood in the middle of the cage,” Palmer said. “That was it. He did not do anything else more than me. He did not land more punches than me. He did not land more kicks than me. He did not get any takedowns. I had almost ten takedowns in the fight. He did not do anything from the bottom as far as submission attempts. I actually mounted him in the fourth round and went for an head and arm choke. But it was a little too slippery and I rushed it.”

“There was actually a lot of things in the fight that I did well for feeling as crappy as I felt,” he continued. “The more I try to watch it without being bias to myself, I still don’t see how they gave it to him. Besides him standing in the center of the cage and me moving left and right to much instead of standing right in front of him. That is all I can think of.”

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