On this week’s edition of “The MMA Report Podcast,” Jason Floyd talks about some of the hottest topics in mixed martial arts and has interviews with Kajan Johnson, Lance Palmer, Louis Taylor, Ashley Gooch, Abdiel Velazquez, Sidney Wheeler, Leon Davis and Jarod Lawton.

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One Response


    Jason Floyd, I kinda of sorta, disagree with you on your view that David The Caveman Rickels has a exciting fighting style. I have seen him get annihilated by Michael Chandler twice, by Patricky Pitbull Freire, and by Melvin Guillard, it’s not exciting to see him getting knocked out. David The Caveman Rickels has a nice image he has created for himself with his ring entrances, but he has shown that he has trouble against athletic opponents. He isn’t very athletic and because of that, he takes a lot of punches flush to his head in his fights even with all his movement in the cage. From my point of view, I wish David The Caveman Rickels would stop all the movement because he isn’t athletic enough to avoid getting hit flush in the face by athletic opponents because he can’t change directions with his body or head fast enough against athletic opponents to avoid getting hit flush in the face. I would have him slow down on all the bouncing around he does in the cage and have him using his jab a lot more than he does to keep distance. He is 6 feet tall fighting at 155 after all. I don’t think Bellator is going to cut him nor am I asking for that. But, for now in his career, Bellator is very limited in the type of opponents they can match David The Caveman Rickels with. Good luck to him because he is a young man, just 27 years old, and he has a lot of MMA experience. Hopefully, he can start mentally using his experience more in the cage against his opponents because he sure needs to realize he can’t stand toe to toe with his opponents.