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Prestige FC 7’s Tyler Dolby explains how training changes when short notice fight is offered

Prestige FC 7 will take place tonight at the Casman Centre is located in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada and the card will feature Tyler Dolby stepping up on short notice to meet David Nippard.

Dolby (1-0) won his professional debut back in January at BFL 41 against Chris Day by submission and he took this fight against Nippard on two weeks notice. Since he took this fight on short notice, how did it alter his regular training?

“It’s very similar training. Depending on the body type will kind of change it up a little bit,” Dolby said on Wednesday’s edition of The MMA Report Podcast. “If it’s a short notice fight, a lot of emphasis goes on the cardio and things of that sort. Just to make sure your cardio is on point. Your eyes are there. Your reaction time is there and my opponent is going to be taller than me too. Just getting in with bodies. Longer guys. Taller guys. Things like that.”

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