Former UFC welterweight title challenger Rory MacDonald is heading to Bellator MMA after the UFC declined to match the contract offer MacDonald accepted from the California based mixed martial arts promotion.

The news of MacDonald signing with Bellator was initially reported by Flo Combat and an official announcement on MacDonald joining the Bellator roster is expected to be announced shortly.

MacDonald (18-4) is considered one of the best welterweight fighters and became a free agent following his decision defeat against Stephen Thompson in June at UFC Fight Night 89. While in the UFC, MacDonald went 9-4 and holds a decision victory over current UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

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    For all those angry UFC fans out there complaining about how this is such a bad decision by Rory MacDonald by leaving the UFC to fight in Bellator, all of you should asked yourselves, if any of your were working for a big Fortune 500 company making $10 per hour and some smaller company came along and offered any of you $20 per hour, would any of you stay with the Fortune 500 company just for the sake of the name only or would any of you take the job paying any of you twice as much? Rory MacDonald is only 26 or 27 years of age, so he could fight out his 6 fight contract with Bellator in two years and still return to the UFC at 28 or 29 years of age. So you UFC hardcore fans just need to calm down. First, I am sure Rory MacDonald will be taking plenty of time off to take care of his broken nose issue. Next, it would make plenty of sense if Bellator put him in the cage with fighters like Ricky Rainey and/or Curtis Millender to get him some wins and establish him with the Bellator fans, and then maybe pit him up against someone like Brennan Ward in Connecticut because of the crowd that would be supporting Brennan Ward there and they would be making plenty of noise. For Bellator management, this is not a race, so there is no rush to put him in a title fight coming off of two losses. This is a step forward by Bellator, hopefully it will not be followed by taking two steps backwards.