On this week’s edition of “The MMA Report Podcast,” Jason Floyd talks about some of the hottest topics in mixed martial arts and has interviews with Saad Awad, Max Barrett, Dylan Cala, Brandon Webb, Travis Holloman and Nicole Hunt.

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2 Responses


    Jason Floyd, you can’t understand Bellator’s decision to release Marcin Held of his contract because it makes no sense. So don’t even to rattle your brain trying to make sense of it. As I keep stating here on themmareport.com, EVERY TIME BELLATOR TAKES ONE STEP FORWARD, IT IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWS BY TAKING TWO STEPS BACKWARDS. As a fan of having MMA options and a fan of MMA fighters, I really hope a company like Disney comes in and buys Bellator from Viacom in order to put an end to the nonsensical moves that Bellator continues to make under Viacom ownership.


    To answer your question as to if I were a manager of a MMA fighter, which regional promotion I would want to place my fighter in to give him or her the best chance to get into the UFC? My answer would obviously RFA and Legacy. As a fan of MMA, I think CES is really putting on some great cards and Shamrock FC and Valor Fights have crowds that are loud and really into the fights. What would be cool, would be once every year or two, the regional MMA organizations get together and have one big show pitting their best fighters against each other. And move the location each year or two to the different regions of the various MMA organizations. It would be like their Super Bowl and host at big arenas that seat 10,000 or more every time. I think something like that would really catch on.