Shamrock FC

Anthony Goldfield explains why footwork has been a key part of his training for Shamrock FC title fight

Anthony Goldfield will look to win a title on Saturday night at Shamrock FC 276 in Kansas City as he will meet Devin Webber for the Shamrock FC amateur welterweight title on the fight card coming from the Ameristar Casino.

Goldfield (4-3) is coming off a 70-second knockout victory at Shamrock FC: Retaliation in March and prior to scoring the knockout in that fight, he suffered a hand injury. While he was recovering from that hand injury, footwork became a key part of his daily training regiment.

“I was working on my footwork a lot,” Goldfield explained to The MMA Report. “Recently hooked up with Master Melvin Wesley, who is a supreme striking coach around here. He is awesome. I was doing that and conditioning. You can always condition and there is always room to improve on your conditioning too. That is what I was pretty much doing and then my hand was finally feeling good. Eased back into striking and it’s feeling great now.”

“Anytime I watch any other fights, I don’t just watch them for the pleasure,” he continued. “IĀ also study both fighters. Watching people like T.J. Dillashaw and Donald Cerrone, they have tremendous footwork so they are able to out strike. His those angles and that is what I wanted to improve on. What I wanted to be able to do especially since I am shorter for my weight class. I need to be able to get in and out of the pocket.”

Take a listen to Goldfield’s complete interview with The MMA Report below.