UFC 203 Fight Video Highlights: Stipe Miocic vs. Alistair Overeem

Stipe Miocic retained the UFC heavyweight title on Saturday night in Cleveland as he defeated Alistair Overeem by knockout in the opening round in the main event of the fight card.

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    Sam Caplan said he doesn’t want to see Fedor in the UFC because he thinks Fedor would get seriously hurt. But funny how Sam Caplan hasn’t taken into account how many times Alistair Overeem brain has been turned off in his knockout losses, yet Sam Caplan probably had no concern about Alistair Overeem’s health, probably because Sam Caplan was blinded by the simple fact that Alistair Overeem fights in the UFC and Fedor does not and a unconscious bias does seep in. In Alistair Overeem knockout losses, he doesn’t stagger or is whoopily, Alistair Overeem is turned off and in each of his losses it gets easier and easier for his opponents to turn him off. I hope the UFC forces Alistair Overeem to take some time off to get his brain in order. And I know Alistair Overeem is not going to retire anytime soon, but I hope when he does, he will have a long, healthy, and happy post MMA life.