UFC Fight Night 95 Fight Video Highlights: Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino vs. Lina Lansberg

Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino improved to 2-0 in the UFC on Saturday night at UFC Fight Night 95 as she defeated Lina Lansberg by TKO in the main event of the fight card.

2 Responses


    Lina Lansberg was a disgrace. She went out there and tried not to lose, and still lost. I hope Lina Lansberg learns from this, she chose to be a MMA fighter, so next time go out there and try to win and if she loses doing that, then so be it, at least then she left it in the cage trying to give it her all. Respect the sport.


    Jason Floyd, the UFC has been trying, but they still can’t take the shine off of Cristiane Justino by having her fight at 140 pounds. I am glad that Cristiane Justino keeps on rolling. I would love to see her in Bellator since Bellator does have a Women’s Featherweight division, but obviously she doesn’t want to be in Bellator. She could really be great for Invicta with cross promotions, but I am certain her UFC contract prevents any of that. Do you know her contract status with the UFC? Is it three fights left or four fights left on her UFC contract?