On this week’s edition of The MMA Insiders Podcast, Jason Floyd is joined by UFC lightweight Kajan Johnson to discuss some of the hot topic items involving fighters in the UFC and other mixed martial arts promotions.

Johnson is one of the few active UFC fighters that has been open about his support for the Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Association (MMAFA) and recently met with the Professional Fighters Association (PFA). He talked about both organizations and explained why he believes an association/union needs to happen as soon as possible.

Other topics on this edition of the podcast include Johnson’s gym business, USADA, Reebok, the state of Canadian mixed martial arts and his time during The Ultimate Fighter.

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29 Responses

  1. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Do you know if Rizin FF December 29th and 31st shows will be shown on Spike?

    What do you think about Shane Carwin signing with Rizin instead of Bellator? He said Bellator offered the most money. But Rizin never stopped trying to sign him even after he said no multiple times. That’s what won him over. They really wanted him. He said he didn’t think Bellator wanted him that bad.

    I think Rizin is a top 5 MMA organization. And a major league promotion. My top 5 are: UFC, Bellator MMA, ONE Championship, Rizin FF, and WSOF! Top 5 Triple A promotions: KSW, LFA, M1 Global, Invicta, and Titan!

    • Jason Floyd

      As of this time, I have not heard either way on Rizin year-end shows and Spike. If they were to air, I would expect them to be via tape delay. In terms of Shane Carwin, I was not surprised that he ended up in Rizin. I terms of Rizin being a top five promotion, let’s say this: UFC and Bellator are clear #1 and #2. After that, five people may have five different answers on number three through five.

  2. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Can you believe Fedor declined a fight with Shane Carwin? Fedor always picks and chooses who he wants to fight. I think Fedor might be done for sure. He’s prolly gonna retire for good.

    What are your top 5 UFC and Bellator fights you are looking forward to the most? Between now and the end of the year? Mine are Alvarez vs McGregor, Woodley vs Thompson, RDA vs Ferguson, Cormier vs Johnson II, and Cruz vs Gabrandt.

    And for Bellator: Chandler vs Bendo, McGreary vs Davis, Koreshkov vs Lima II, Daley vs Anderson, and Page vs Gonzales.

    • Jason Floyd

      As I have said for awhile (after fight with Maldonaldo), I personally would like to see Fedor call it a career. Thought a potential matchup with Carwin would not end well for him.

      Top 5 fights rest of year for me:
      UFC – Alvarez/McGregor, Holloway/Pettis, Rochkold/Jacare, Dos Anjos/Ferguson and Woodley/Thompson
      Bellator – McGeary/Davis, Chandler/Henderson, Koreshkov/Lima, Picclotti/Girtz and Sanchez/McKee

      Honorable mentions: Whittaker/Brunson, Cruz/Garbrandt, Swanson/Choi, Fialho/Njokuani, Gonzalez/Page, Awad/Ward and Anderson/Daley.

  3. Hardcore MMA Fan

    In the WSOF NYC press release it said the NYE event was a 11 bout card. But it’s only 8 fights. Are there still fights tba? Or it might of just been a typo.

    • Jason Floyd

      My understanding is there will be 11 fights. There will be “post-lims” that will be streamed on the WSOF website.

  4. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Do you know if any of the Rizin FF contracts are exclusive? Could we see Shane Carwin do fights in Rizin and Bellator? Bc I’d love to see Carwin in Bellator’s Heavyweight tourney early next yr.

    • Jason Floyd

      In terms of Shane Carwin, I do not know the details of the contract he signed with Rizin. Clearly Bellator was interested in him.

  5. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Who is your pick to win the Rizin open weight tournament? I think the finals will be Cro Cop vs Carwin. If that happens I think it could go either way.

  6. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Btw what do you get if you win the Rizin tournament? Just a ton of money? Do you know how much King Mo got for winning it last yr?

  7. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Yeah I know that was a really stupid ? But you have said before about Bellator doing a trade with UFC. I think it was when Rampage or Brooks had issues with them to trade one of them for Nate. Anyway trades in MMA never happen. Tho it would be pretty awesome if it did.

    Finally there is a feeder league in MMA that isn’t just a feeder league to the UFC. I hope Alliance MMA buys all the feeder leagues. And the only 2 feeder leagues being Alliance MMA and Legacy Fighting Alliance.

  8. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Last one I promise. If trades were a thing, then this would be one of the best. A former Bellator and ONE champion for Nate Diaz? Askren is a world class wrestler and undefeated. And Nate Diaz is one of the top draws ever. Yeah, never mind. The UFC should never let him go.

    Btw I think Gaejthe might lose his next fight in WSOF. I think he will get caught.

    What are your top 5 best UFC PPV’s of all time?

  9. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Thanks for deleted those comments Jason.

    Who will be your guest host for the Insiders Podcast this week? I think it would be awesome if either King Mo or Brennan Ward is the new full time co host. Can you try to make it happen?

    If Frank Vogel can’t get the Magic to the playoffs, then you guys are screwed.

    You think Phil Davis and Benson Henderson will be the first two former UFC fighters to become Bellator champions?

    • Jason Floyd

      I am currently working on the guest co-host for this week. Hope to announce this week’s co-host on Monday. When it comes to the co-host on the Insiders podcast, I will be having guest co-host until the end of the year. Full time co-host will debut in 2017.

      First two Magic games were tough to watch, especially the Pistons game when they only scored 9 points in the second quarter. Was nice to see them come back last night against the Cavs.

      When it comes to Davis and Henderson, they both may accomplish that in the next 3 weeks. I have to watch some more tape on those upcoming fights as I have not decided on who will be my pick in those upcoming title fights.

  10. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Why did you delete the comment about Alliance MMA?

  11. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Answer me this. Would you rather see: Fedor vs Lashley? Fedor vs King Mo? Fedor vs Kongo? Or Fedor vs Mitrione?

  12. Hardcore MMA Fan

    What’s the more dangerous fight for Fedor. Shane Carwin or Matt Mitrione? I think it’s Carwin. And who does Fedor have the best chance at beating? I’d say prolly Mitrione. Hbu?

  13. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Do you think we’ll ever see Fedor vs Lesnar in the UFC? Or Lesnar vs Lashley in the UFC?

  14. Hardcore MMA Fan

    What are your thoughts on the new promotion Alliance MMA? I think it’s great to see a feeder league that isn’t just a feeder to the UFC. But to all the major MMA promotions. Been waiting for this to happen for a while.

    • Jason Floyd

      Time will tell on Alliance MMA if they can make it succeed. Making money on regional scene is MMA can be tough. They have some notable people in the industry involved, but I truly hope part of their plan is not a television deal with CBS Sports Network. If the end goal is television, CBS Sports Network is the last place they should go. Especially since all of the MMA deals CBS Sports Network does are typically time buy deals.