Joining Jason Floyd on this week’s edition of The MMA Insiders Podcast is 14 fight veteran E.J. Brooks. They discuss this weekend’s UFC 205, E.J.’s thoughts on the current state of MMA, fighter union, competing on the “regional scene” and drug testing in MMA.

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5 Responses

  1. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Bellator signed Max Nunes a few months ago. And now they cut him without him ever making his debut for them. WTF Bellator?? I hate that Bellator releases really good fighters all the fucking time. You’d think there might be a reason, but who knows.

    I really hope they don’t release Koreshkov. That wouldn’t make any sense. But they have had a lot bullshit releases over the years.

    I wanna see Rory Mac vs Koreshkov this summer. Hbu?

    I hope Fedor vs Mitrione or Rampage vs McGeary headline Bellator’s Barclay’s event. Wbu?

    If I were the UFC I would’ve booked Cerrone vs Larkin for UFC 206. Btw what do you think happens with Lorenz Larkin? You’d think if the UFC really wanted him, he’d be re- signed already.

    Take it or leave it: The winner of Alvarez vs McGregor is a top 10 MMA GOAT fighter?

    • Jason Floyd

      Next summer is a long time away still, have to see how the Bellator welterweight division plays out between now and then. However, I think MacDonald will receive an immediate title shot.

      When it comes to a potential Bellator show at the Barclay Center, both of those fights make sense. It sounds like Bellator is shooting for a card there in the first quarter of 2017. I do expect an announcement on Fedor vs. Mitrione coming soon.

      On Lorenz Larkin, it’s been 86 days since his last fight. So the exclusive negotiating period is coming to an end, unless the UFC already waived that right. Lorenz wants to get paid, but will a promotion pay him the money he wants? His disclosed pay for his last fight was $39k to show, $39k to win. I don’t see the UFC going much higher than $50k to show, $50k to win for his next fight so the question becomes will another promotion be willing to pay more than that. Maybe Bellator would since he has a fighting style they like and 170 pounds is becoming one of the best divisions in Bellator. If I was representing Lorenz, I would want to see what the market is for him before deciding whether or not to take a UFC offer.

      Conor McGregor is a special fighter. You can hate him (if you do), but you have to respect his abilities. Conor has changed the game.

  2. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Jon Fitch, Yushin Okami, Jake Shields, etc. They all are with WSOF bc Bellator didn’t want them.

    Top 5 MMA promotions in the world: UFC, Bellator, ONE, Rizin, LFA.
    WSOF, Titan, and Victory are jokes compared to the three I mentioned. In my humble opinion lol.

    • Hardcore MMA Fan

      IMO: ONE, Rizin, LFA, KSW are all bigger and better than WSOF/ Titan/ Victory/ Invicta/.

    • Jason Floyd

      When it comes to top five promotions, there is a big gap between UFC and Bellator and just a big of a gap between Bellator and the others. At this time, I am not ready to call Rizin a number three MMA promotion. Yes, they are throwing out some good money. However, I want to see more shows out of them over the next 12-18 months before I personally consider them a top three promotion.

      While you can call WSOF, Titan and Victory “jokes” compared to the other three you mention, there are a lot of fighters that want to compete for those promotions. Especially, United States based fighters. Promotions like ONE Championship and Rizin, for the most part, have not shown much interest in United States based fighters. While there are United States fighters that want to fight over them, a very small percentage even get looked at by that promotion. Victory FC is a promotion to be on the lookout for in 2017. They are doing some great things. Ryan Stoddard is going some great things with that promotion.