Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan are back for another edition of “The MMA Report Post Fight Podcast” and they discuss what happened this past weekend at UFC Fight Night 99, UFC Fight Night 100 and Bellator 165.

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11 Responses

  1. Hardcore MMA Fan

    I thought before last Saturday night’s fights that Chandler vs Bendo was the best fight of the weekend. And I still think so after all the fights.

    Jason, do you know if the Fedor contract with Bellator is exclusive? I don’t think so. They didn’t say in the press release or on air that it was an exclusive mutli fight deal with Bellator. I think he can also fight in Rizin, Fight Nights, and maybe M1 . I hope the deal is only exclusive to Bellator and Rizin. And I hope Shane Carwin goes back and forth with them as well.

    Btw about Andre Harrison signing with WSOF. It’s a good signing, but he’s a really boring fighter. That’s why UFC and Bellator didn’t want him. He has 10 decisions and 4 stoppage wins. I’m surprised they also didn’t sign Des Green. Unless Green only wants to be in the UFC.

    • Jason Floyd

      I have been told that Fedor’s deal with Bellator is an exclusive contract. On Harrison, I was previously told that Bellator was interested in Harrison at one time. This was when he was in Titan FC, but Titan contracts only had an out-clause for UFC. On Green, he has made it pretty well known that he is looking to get into the UFC in the near future.

      • Hardcore MMA Fan

        So, now Titan contract out clauses isn’t only exclusive to UFC?

      • Jason Floyd

        Titan contracts only have UFC out-clauses. When WSOF signed Harrison, he was not under contract with Titan. About a month ago or so, Harrison and Titan parted ways.

  2. Hardcore MMA Fan

    I find it so mind boggling that DG thought Piccoloti vs Girtz was a better fight than Chandler vs Bendo. And what’s even more insane was he thought Chandler vs Bendo was an okay fight, but nothing special. WTF?? What were you watching DG?? I bet he prolly didn’t even watch it. Bc nobody that loves a great back and forth fight would say what he did. Maybe DG only likes them lay and pray fights..

    • Hardcore MMA Fan

      I just watched Piccoloti vs Girtz. And it was a pretty good fight. I still thought Chandler vs Bendo was better. Anyway we all don’t always have the same opinions.

      Did UFC waive the three month negotiation period with Ryan Bader? And who are the most interested in Lorenz Larkin?

      • Jason Floyd

        As far as I know, UFC has not waive the exclusive negotiating period for Bader, but they could. However, they did not do that for Lorenz Larkin (his exclusive negotiating period ended on Monday). I would expect Bellator and WSOF to both be interested. Only question is will either of them offer what Larkin wants or more than the UFC is willing to offer. Larkin has an exciting fighting style, but not a rating needle mover (at least at this time).

  3. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Actually the Piccoloti vs Girtz fight was ok. Not that good.

    I think Fedor beats Mitrione. Matt didn’t look that good in his 2 fights in Bellator. And Fedor didn’t either. I just think he will win by ko/ tko.

    What are you hearing about the main and co for UFC 208? I think they will announce it on UFC Tonight. But are you hearing any rumored fights?

    Do you think Bellator will do an 8 man Heavyweight grand prix one night on PPV in the summer? For sure they’d do PPV again if they signed GSP. wouldn’t you agree? I think they have the roster to do PPV at least once or twice a year.

    • Jason Floyd

      UFC wanted to have Bisping vs. Romero at UFC 208, but Bisping will not be ready to go by that date. That could be a PPV that is not headlined by a title fight just based on who is available. Just depends on how quick fighters like Woodley and Jedrzejczyk want to return. I could see Nick Diaz being in the main event.

      I don’t see Bellator going back to pay-per-view. If you were going to do a pay-per-view event, they would have done Fedor vs. Mitrione on pay-per-view. If they wanted to do a one-night, eight-man tournament, they would have to commission shop. California, Nevada, New Jersey or Mohegan would not regulate that. Personally, I think they should do a tournament that last 9-12 months. Build up the hype and get people invested in it over multiple events, not just one. Have to remember, Bellator is owned by Viacom. Only other platforms I see Bellator going on besides Spike in the future would be CBS or Showtime.

      • Hardcore MMA Fan

        I really hope they don’t do a one night tournament. Those shouldn’t happen anymore. I don’t like them. I hope they do an 8 man grand prix over 3-5 months.