The MMA Report Post Fight Podcast: UFC 206 Edition

Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan are back for another edition of “The MMA Report Post Fight Podcast” and they discuss what happened this past weekend at UFC 206.

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One Response


    Seriously? Daniel Galvan’s is so much of a UFC SUPER FAN that his opinion on any UFC card is not even objective anymore. No matter how bad a UFC card may look going in, come after the fight card has happened, Daniel Galvan’s opinion will ALWAYS be THAT CARD REALLY DELIVERED. And my basis for that? Just by listening to his same non-objective opinion every post UFC card. And post next UFC card we will be hearing the same non-objective Daniel Galvan opinion on how that card delivered. I am a Bellator fan and I admit that, but I am also objective enough to know when a Bellator card is bad. Daniel Galvan lacks that objectivity.