Jason Floyd and Daniel Galvan are back for another edition of “The MMA Report Post Fight Podcast” and they discuss what happened at UFC Fight Night 104.

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3 Responses

  1. Hardcore MMA Fan

    Do you think Brock fights this year after his suspension is over?

    If Lashley’s contract with Bellator is up. Do you think he ends his MMA career with the UFC?

    On Bellator. I said Bellator 149 was the highest attendance they had. But I saw on MMA junkie Bellator 152 had 15k attendance. Bellator 149 was 2nd most attendance. Bellator 152 had the most.

    Do you think Phil Davis re-signs with Bellator or goes back to the UFC?

    Do you know who’s contracts are up or going to be in MMA free agency?

    When do you think they will officially announce the Ryan Bader signing?

    Why the hell does the UFC or Bellator not want Lorenz Larkin? He’s a fucking top ten welterweight. Whatever he’s asking for I’m sure he’ll prolly be worth it. unless it’s some ridiculous number.

    • Jason Floyd

      I will respond to your questions on this week’s podcast, which will be available tomorrow morning on RadioInfluence.com, iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn Radio.


    You two are hilarious with your thoughts of thinking Angela Hill belongs in the UFC octagon. I totally understand her getting paid more to fight in the UFC octagon, than in Invicta FC or some regional promotion. But if she is going to continue to fight in the UFC against Top 10 UFC Strawweight fighters and refusing to turn down those fights because of her arrogance or confidence, and continue to lose every single round, badly, that she has fought against those Top 10 UFC Strawweight fighters in the UFC octagon and lose every one of those fights, badly, against those Top 10 UFC Strawweight fighters, what benefit is Angela Hill getting other than the short term gain of a UFC paycheck? If Angela Hill wants to stay in the UFC, then she needs to stop accepting fights against UFC Top 10 Strawweight fighters and request to be matched up against UFC Top 11 to Top 15 Strawweight fighters to better give herself a chance to evolve as a MMA fighter and so she can see where she truly stands amongst UFC Strawweight division. As a MMA fan, I do not enjoy seeing Angela Hill getting the UFC octagon and lose every single round of every single fight she has fought against a UFC Top 10 Strawweight.